Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Report. The sun is shining bright on this cool Sunday morning. We have an Onstream School today so there was a flurry of activity early. Rob and Josh got everyone organized and out the door on time.

The streams are flowing with near perfection. Water levels are great at 2.04 feet or 269 cfs. They are very clear so be stealthy. Water temperatures are better this morning than they have been over the last several days. The gauge was reading a temp of 54.5 F.

Despite everything looking great, anglers reported some tough fishing in the Smokies yesterday. Josh with Frontier Anglers said they tried a variety of nymphs and dries and finally picked up some fish late in the day.
Nights have still been cold so there isn't much use getting out early unless that is the only time you have to go. Nymph patterns will be the best bet earlier in the day. As everything warms up look to the dries for some good action. Parachute Adams continue to produce well. Also, anglers are seeing Sulphurs and Light Cahills. Yellow Sallies are also starting to work better.

The smallmouth bass fishing has been picking up on area rivers and lakes. On the Message Board is saw Gary Troutman took his canoe out for a very successful maiden voyage. He got some really nice smallies. It looks like the new BVK is working out well.
Smallmouth fishing with a fly rod has really gained in popularity. I think this is a great thing. They fight like crazy and you still get to fish and wade in streams for them. Expanding our fishing horizons gives us anglers more places go and a longer part of the year to have good fishing.

I just looked up at the clock, it is much early than the report got posted yesterday but I still better wrap it up. I've got a monster box from Wapsi waiting for me. Oh Joy!

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us. Byron should be back tomorrow with tails from Turkey Camp 2012.

Daniel Drake
April 15, 2012


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