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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and 42 degrees this morning.  There were quite a few cars and trucks on the streets at 7:50 am.  By quite a few I mean maybe 20 to 30 over a 2.6 mile commute.  It is getting greener and greener here.  Cover your new plants tonight.  There is a chance for patchy frost in the morning.  Otherwise, it is going to be warm over the next few days.  It may rain this weekend.

Little River is flowing just barely above normal at 294 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 234 cfs.  We got ¼ inch of rain late yesterday but that didn’t change the flow much.  The water temperature this morning is 53 degrees.

Fishing is good by some accounts and not so good by others.  It does not seem to be a skill issue.  I think it’s more of a timing thing.  Fishing is best late in the day.  Dry flies are working and the fly pattern does not matter that much.  Try a Parachute Adams, Yellow Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis or Neversink Caddis.  The trout are looking for food.  If dry flies don’t, work switch to nymphs.  Something is going to catch trout. The conditions are just too good right now. 

I fished Little River in town yesterday for about an hour.  I was testing a fly to see how well it floated.  It floated well.  The smallmouth bass and rock bass were not interested in a floating fly.  I did not get one attack.  I was casting a lot and trying to sink the flies so maybe what I was doing would not qualify as fishing unless you were being scrutinized by a game warden.  This new fly will be for sale as soon as I catch a lot of fish on it.  I have handed out several to guides and friends.  I think this fly will be great for trout, smallmouth bass and large bluegill and shellcrackers.  I’m tying them and building an inventory because I know they will work well.

I’m planning to fish after work tomorrow and Saturday night.  I should get our boat back from the shop Monday so Paula and I will fish a lake next week.

I drove around a campground yesterday called Camp Townsend.  I heard the owners were making lots of improvements.  It is located on a beautiful stretch of Little River.  I had my waders on when I drove through and stopped to ask for permission to fish.  I couldn’t find anyone.  A friendly dog greeted me.  I don’t think he understood what I was saying.  I think the owners were all working on the grounds. There was a lot of activity.  I’ll try again later. 

I also explored the WellSpring Resort property yesterday and waded out into the river to make a few casts.  A couple of guys were cutting dead trees next to the river and I’m sure the bass or trout were nervous about those two chainsaws running wide open.  One tree fell into the river just upstream from me.  It is a beautiful place.  One of my favorite “fish’n holes” is accessible from their property.  There was no need to ask for permission to fish there.  I’ve already got it.

I hiked downstream to the area across the river from Bob’s house.  I have never seen that stretch from where I stood.  What a great spot.  I’ll be going back there this week and fish from Bob’s side of the river.  Some large smallmouth bass and trout have been caught there.

It is handy having a nice trout and smallmouth stream running through town.  It is also nice knowing many of the landowners.  The Park is beautiful but the river in town is quickly accessible.  I’ve got tackle and waders in the truck so going fishing and relaxing can be a split second decision.  Hey, I think I’ll go fishing, right now!  I wish.

If you are a guest here there are plenty of places to fish. Inside the Park Little River runs along for miles on public land. To me, Little River is one of if not the most beautiful river in the world. She is a treasure, that's for sure.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
April 25, 2013

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