Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is a beautiful day in Townsend.  And what a weekend it was.  I heard great news this morning, we finally killed Osama bin Laden.  I’m proud of our troops, the CIA and our President.  Good job folks.  This is going to be an interesting day.

The crowds are gone.  Lots of visitors enjoyed our weather and spectacular views all weekend long.  This morning Townsend is a changed place.  One restaurant that was packed with cars every morning since Friday only had two cars in the customer parking area when I drove to work. 

Little River is flowing lower than normal much to the surprise of anglers who were here this weekend.  I heard it said many times, “I expected the streams to be blown out”.  That didn’t happen because the storms that ravaged the south, missed us.  Flow is currently 185 cubic feet per second compared to normal for this date of 264 cfs.  The water temperature was 59 degrees at 8:20 am.  Anglers liked the low water this weekend.  And, fishing is excellent.

Lots of flies are working.  A Parachute Adams, Thunderhead or Elk Hair Caddis will work.  I would probably use a Yellow Sally pattern or a #16 Yellow Stimulator.  Dropping a nymph from the dry fly will improve your success if you don’t mind untangling a tippet mess every so often.  I don’t like untangling messes so I would use a dry only, catch less trout and still be happy.

We are still hearing good reports from those who fish for smallmouth bass with a fly rod.   

We have rain in the forecast this week and it is going to be much cooler.  The high Wednesday is expected to be in the low 60’s.  Then, the sun will pop out and we should enjoy some nice weather through Friday.

Lots of volunteers are working on Troutfest.  Jack and I finished up the vendor layout yesterday.  I am depositing most of the last round of vendor payments.  A few more will trickle in.  Paula is making paper mache boulders for the casting golf event.  She said she is buying some chicken wire today.  There is still plenty of work to do.  I have four more things I have to get done before May 13th.  And there is a lot more to do at the shop to get ready for the customers who attend Troutfest.  Donna and her group are making the decorations for the banquet tables.  I don’t know what the theme is this year but they put a lot of effort and spend very little money decorating the tables and the tent. 

Volunteers made some improvements to the event site behind the Visitors Center.  Jack and Anthony put up a new steel 10 foot gate.  This gate will be the entrance to Troutfest and other events held at the Visitors Center.  This gate also sets a new standard for “gate installation” in our town.  It is perfectly placed, mounted on 6 x 6 pressure treated posts that are sunk three feet into the ground in concrete.  Joe Hatton and Jack ran underground power to the vendor tent sites in the middle of the grounds.  Now, we have power everywhere. 

I can’t wait to see the bin Ladan death story unfold.  What I’ve read so far is uplifting with interesting facts to learn.  I immediately thought of Leon Panetta.  The CIA played a huge role in this and Mr. Panetta will be leaving the department to be Defense Secretary.  What a way to go out. 

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that oil futures are falling.  Will there be reprisals from al Qaeda and the Taliban?  If there are I hope we kick the living crap out of their backsides!  Afghan President Karzai is already on the band wagon touting that al Qaeda is not in his country and we should get out.  I don’t trust that guy as far as I can throw him. There is not doubt this is going to be an interesting week, especially to a news hound like me.

Have a great day, feel proud of our country, feel proud of our military and proud to be an American.

Byron Begley
May 2, 2011

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