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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The large storm front that hovered over Middle Tennessee all weekend finally started moving east and arrived here last night.  It didn’t stall like it did in Nashville.  We dodged the bullet.  But, it was the loudest storm I’ve heard since living in our house for almost 18 years.  Thunder from an apparent close bolt of lightening shook the house.  This morning we had some ground fault switches that had been tripped.  I guess the electricity from the lightning caused that. 

The storm passed through and did little damage here.  Little River is rolling.  Flow right now is 4,200 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 260 cfs.  The record on this date was 1,700 cfs set in 1997.  Our rainfall amount overnight was 1.77 inches.  The water temperature is 62 degrees.  The water is turbid.

So, fishing is going to be off for a few days.  The gauge is at 6.4 feet at the “Y”.  2.75 feet is high but fishable.  But 6.4 is not even thinkable.  You might stand on the bank of a smaller stream and use a spinning rod.  But don’t wade!

I watched the destruction from this rain event in Nashville online and on television last night.  Many of the areas of the city are under water.  Having lived there for years I am familiar with the flooded neighborhoods.  I was shocked.  A lot of people were shocked.  This has never happened.  Nashville broke a two day rainfall record by a huge margin.  You can’t prepare for something like that, or can you? 

Though our store is not in the designated flood zone, if we had 14 to 20 inches of rain in two days we would be flooded.  I heard a lot of interviews with residents in Nashville who did not have flood insurance.  I heard a couple say it was not available to them. I find that hard to believe.  I know I can get it here because Townsend participates in the Emergency Flood Insurance Program.  So, I’m looking into that today. Just because you are not in the flood zone doesn’t mean you can’t be flooded.  Our house is high on a hill.  I don’t think we need it there though there is a good size creek on the property.

The limits on flood insurance may be low but that money would come in handy if we were flooded.  I read you can obtain $250,000 coverage on the structure and $100,000 on the contents.  If we felt we were going to be in a situation like the one that happened in Nashville we would move as much merchandise and fixtures upstairs and leave with our boat.  It could happen.  It happened in Nashville.

Townsend is quiet.  I was talking to Tim this morning at the swinging bridge.  He said he does not understand why we are a strong weekend destination but everyone clears out on Sunday night.  I don’t know the answer to that question.  Maybe there is not a compelling reason to stay here more than two days unless you are a fly fisherman.  Maybe after a couple of days of hiking you are tired and want to go home.  I would be. 

I would not visit here on weekends.  I would visit during the week when there are almost no other people here.  I work on weekends.  If I take off it’s almost always on a week day.  We plan all our fishing trips on weekdays.  When we go to Florida, we leave on Sunday and return home on Saturday. Most of my friends work Monday through Friday and have the weekend off.  I work 7 days a week and then take off when I want to. 

I know I’m different but, I HATE CROWDS.  Someone asked how many times I had been to the Kentucky Derby.  I’ve never been to the Derby.  I hate crowds.  I detest any activity that involves masses of people.  It’s not fun for me.  I’d much rather be in a peaceful setting with Paula and a few close friends or be by myself. I never go to sporting events or big parties.  I do go to the Troutfest Banquet but it’s because I’m Chairman and I know almost everyone there.

By the way, if you have not bought your Troutfest Banquet tickets you may soon be out of luck.  This week we will decide where to cut off ticket sales.  Our caterers have to know how many to serve.  It’s funny.  I heard a couple of people mention that they were going to buy their tickets to the banquet, the tickets that are for sale were only 18 inches away from them and they didn’t buy.  They are waiting.  Wait too long and they won’t be available.  I think we are still holding 50 tickets for a large group.  We can’t hold them forever without some kind of contract.

If you want to buy your tickets online CLICK HERE.  Or call us at 877-448-3474.  If you are waiting for the price to drop it isn’t going to happen.  They are $50 now and the last one we sell will be $50.  So, don’t put it off too long.

I will be working on the Little River Journal for the next three days. Due to that I won't be able to talk to anyone on the phone, in person or answer e-mail. I should be back in action by Thursday.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 3, 2010 


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