Townsend, Tennessee

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is overcast, warm, breezy and wet.  It has rained for three days.  And Little River is rolling.  It even has some color to it.  The Spring Creek behind our house is muddy.  The trees are dripping and the forest floor is soft.  We have had 1.7” of rain at the shop in two days, .85" each day. 

Many anglers did not fare well in the Park this weekend.  Fronts were moving in and water levels were up and down.  Most fish were caught on nymphs.  The windows of opportunity were narrow.  A couple of friends of mine who are good fishermen said they caught most of their fish Saturday in a 45 minute time period. The rest of the day fishing was slow.  

The rivers are swollen today and if you go be very careful.  Pick the smaller creeks and don’t wade in the large ones too far from shore.  Little River is at a dangerous level right now.  There is a 50% chance for rain today and a 60% chance on Wednesday.  Right now all the streams that have gauges in our area are receding. 

The tailwaters are fishing great.  I’ve heard several 50 fish day reports lately.

Townsend is quiet today.  The Spring Festival is over.  We were busy here this weekend.  But, a lot of our customers were not fishing, just shopping and preparing.   May of last year was the second largest month we have ever had at the shop.  We are not expecting that this year.  Our ordering budget or “Open to Buy” has been reduced from last year’s budget.  If we get surprised we can always raise it at any time.  But we are being cautious now.

Warren Buffett says the worst is over unless there are some unknown surprises out there.  Evidently 35,000 people showed up for the Berkshire Hathaway stockholders meeting to hear what Mr. Buffett had to say. Things are looking better in our economy unless you are unemployed.  Warren Buffett thinks the housing market will improve soon as we deplete our excess inventory.

He said we are building 500,000 new homes per year at the current rate and that is down from 2 million that were built yearly for a while.  Demand for new homes is 1.3 million per year.  The industry overbuilt.  A lot of my friends are in the home and commercial building business. I hope that picks up soon.  We need to start buying cars and boats.  That would help us all out too.    

I have a Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting to attend this morning.  I’ll get a good idea what is happening in our County with the economy. Our Chamber membership lagged for a while but it is picking back up.  I signed up four members in the past month.  My report card will look good today.  I have a list of people who have dropped out and I’ll start working on them.

Have a great day and go fishing if you can get away.  Thanks for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 4, 2009

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