Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and it will be warm today in Townsend, Tennessee.  Last evening I noticed quite a bit of traffic coming into town.  Many of the vehicles were pulling campers.  Visitors could not pick a better time.  Though it is warm, the humidity is low and the forest is comfortable.  The streams are beautiful right now.  There is plenty of water.  The vegetation looks fresh and green.  Wildflowers are blooming.

Little River is still somewhat high.  The level dropped .6 feet over the past 24 hours to 3.08 feet on the gauge.  That equates to 717 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Monday morning the flow was 4,200 cfs at 8:30 am and yesterday the reading was 1,120 cfs.  Median flow for this date is 276 cfs.  The water temperature this morning is 56 degrees.  So, the river is dropping fast.  Fishing in all but the lower elevation large streams should be fine today.  Be careful wading though.  The water is still swift in places.

For dry flies I would use a Yellow Stimulator, Yellow Sally pattern, Parachute Adams or March Brown.  You might see some Light Cahills.  Elk Hair Caddis is always a good pattern to use this time of year.  I would go with  yellow.  A size #14 would work for about everything.  You could go down to #16 for the Yellow Sally and up to #12 for the Parachute Adams or March Brown.  Nymphs would be a good idea if the trout are not taking the dry.  Fish them deep.  A Muddler Minnow or anything that represents a sculpin would be a good streamer to use for larger brown trout.  

We’ve got some great camping and fishing weather coming up through the weekend.  There is very little chance for rain, only 10% on Saturday.  It is going to be hot through Friday then cool off for the weekend. 

It looks like tourism is picking up on the leisure side.  Our February Hotel/Motel sales tax numbers were up in February.  Those are the most recent numbers we have.  The business travel at the airport properties are not doing as well.  Companies and governments have cut back on travel.  We are expecting a good year in the Townsend/Walland market.  I like our new Smoky Mountain Visitors Bureau webiste.  You can see it HERE.

I voted yesterday afternoon and I was the only person there except for the poll workers.  Turnout for the primary election in our county was low, it looked like the number of voters were around 10% of the population. I did forget to vote once.  I almost forgot yesterday.  I guess about 108,000 forgot in our County yesterday.  Maybe we need more signs saying “Don’t Forget to Vote” or “If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Complain”. 

I will say this about voting in Townsend, it never takes more than 5 minutes even if you vote during the busy hours.  I know that’s not true everywhere.  I wonder if we’ll be voting online someday.  It could be done.  Imagine, standing in the middle of a trout stream, pulling out your iPhone, cast your ballot, then cast your fly rod a minute later.  If I had to wait two hours, standing in line to vote in a primary, I might decide not to. I don’t know.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 5, 2010 


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