Townsend, Tennessee

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and we are drenched.  But the sun will pop out today.  The really heavy rain yesterday went to the south of us.  But we still got .65 inches at the shop.  But the wind was unbelievable.  I looked out at the field behind the shop.  The tall grass was blowing in a circular motion.  And it sounded like a tornado.  A large tree fell on a car at one of the local businesses.  The car was crushed.  As far as I know there were no injuries in Townsend though I did hear one siren yesterday. There could be downed trees in the park on the roads so check before you go. 

Little River is cranking at 729 cubic feet per second.  Normal for this date is 237 cfs.  We’ve got a lot of water.  Wading in the larger creeks will be difficult and dangerous.  Be careful.  There is some color to the water which could be an advantage if you go today.  Fishing should be very good.  I would fish with weighted nymphs or streamers and stay close to the bank.

Mike Shaver came by yesterday and we talked for a few minutes.  He said last Sunday was one of his best days on Little River in a long time.  He caught a 15” brown and lost a much larger one.  It even jumped out of the water.  He also caught a lot of other browns and rainbows.  He said he was bouncing nymphs on the bottom and thought he was hung on a rock.  He moved his rod to another position to get the fly loose.  The rock started swimming then that brown jumped out of the water.  Mike is an excellent fisherman.

But for many people last Sunday was very slow.  Even good anglers were having a hard time.  I talked to one or two people who didn’t catch anything.  So what was the difference between their experience and Mike’s?  Mike was keeping his nymphs on the bottom.  The water was moving fast, nymphs were drifting on the bottom of the river and he had his imitations down where the trout were feeding.  One thing that might seem insignificant can make all the difference in the world when fishing. 

When the water temperature is like it is now and has been the fishing is good unless we are in the midst of a flood or drought.  But when one thing doesn’t work try something else.  That is what Mike did.  The big difference was weight and getting a good drift on the bottom. 

Troutfest is coming together.  We are still getting more prizes for the banquet.  We have a lot of interesting lodging options to bid on.  Blackberry Farm and Dancing Bear Lodge are putting together a package for us.  It will be a two night stay at Dancing Bear and a day of guided fishing for one angler at Blackberry’s private stream and lunch there. 

Talley Ho Inn is donating a two night stay and we are going to package that with a beginner fly fishing class here.  We have a redfishing trip somewhere on the coast.  I think it is in South Carolina.  We have a two day two night stay at 4UR Ranch in Creed Colorado.  A float trip in Alaska was donated. 

We have a Bogdan #5 trout reel that will be delivered personally by Stan Bogdan next Friday.  He is flying in to see some friends.  We have some great original art, plenty of tackle including a new hand made bamboo rod and really there are more prizes than we have ever had.

People are coming here from far away, one fellow from Alaska.  They are coming from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia and other states.  I was hoping Milt, from Hawaii would be here.  He did order a couple of T-shirts though. 

Joe Humphreys is coming in Thursday so he can fish with Walter Babb on Friday.  Bob Clouser is flying in Friday morning.  Lefty Kreh didn’t say when he is coming in.  I guess his sponsor, Rick Pope who owns Temple Fork will pick Lefty up at the airport.  Bill Reed who is the National Sales Manager at Orvis will come in on Friday.  Frank Bryant and Mark Brown from Chota will already be here.  They live here.  I have not talked to the Renzettis so I don’t know if they are coming.  I better check.  Sales reps will be here from the fly fishing manufacturers.  It is going to be quite a weekend.

You can order your banquet tickets by calling the shop at 877-448-3474 or buy them online by CLICKING HERE.

Fly tyers are coming from several states.  They will be demonstrating, ten at a time in the Fly Tying Tent all weekend. 

So, it’s not too late.  Plan to be here.  But, don’t wait too long.  We have limited the sales of banquet tickets to 300.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 7, 2009


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