Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Report. It is a beautiful cool morning here in Townsend. Clouds are starting to roll in. We have a chance of rain later today, probably normal pop up thunderstorms. There is an 80% chance of rain for tomorrow. This will be welcome as we have been pretty dry lately.

Water levels are up just a bit from yesterday. There was a thunderstorm over the mountains last night. At 2.21 feet or 335 c.f.s. the Little River is flowing a little higher than the normal of 241 c.f.s. Levels are great and the streams are flowing clear.

I headed up the Middle Prong last night after closing the Shop. One of my favorite stretches looked less inviting due to the septic construction project which is going on by the Institute so I kept driving up the gravel road. There are some truck eating pot holes up there. Drive it slow so you can dodge them. I saw several vehicles parked along the sides of the road with people fishing down in the creek. The little voice of nagging doubt kept telling me..."you should have gone to West Prong.." but I didn't listen. I was already committed to Tremont. I finally stopped at a section that I hadn't fished in a long time.
The weather was a bit warm yesterday evening. I probably should have wet waded but I have a new pair of the Redington zip front waders that I wanted to try. I learned several things from the experience. is pretty warm for waders right now. Second..that full zipper makes getting into waders much easier. Third... zip front waders don't roll down to make waist waders nearly as easy as a regular wader does. They fit good and are very comfortable. Once I got down to the water I wasn't nearly as warm.

Just wanting to fish dries I pulled the 2wt out of its case and strung it up. Looking in the box I pulled out a little yellow fly that I haven't fished much. It is simply called The Combo. It is yellow, lots of hackle and floats well. Time to fish. Walking down stream I finally found a spot where I could shimmy down the steep bank to the water. The Middle Prong looked great. Water was clear. Flow was good. I didn't have to make too many casts before the first pretty rainbow came up to eat. This one was about 8 inches but colored up very pretty. Its belly even had shades of orange. Fishing my way upstream the hits were consistent. Most of the action was coming out of solidly moving current but not the heavy white water. I was looking for areas which had a little depth and distinct current. Several trout rose out of the pillow of water in front of rocks.
I saw several yellow stoneflies in the air but not what you would consider a real "hatch". The trout didn't seem to care that there weren't a ton of bugs out. They kept eating that yellow fly. I never changed patterns but I bet it wouldn't have mattered as long as it was yellow. All in all I landed 12 in a little over 2 hours. I could hear thunder in the distance so I called it a night. I definitely concur with the Fishing Gauge's update to Excellent.

People have been saying that the smallmouth fishing is on fire right now also. Everything is great all at the same time making it hard to choose what to focus on.

Troutfest is less than two weeks away.  We are hoping for a big crowd.  Banquet tickets are selling slow.  We base our food and beverage purchases on our ticket sales so, if you plan to go to the banquet, you should buy your tickets now ONLINE HERE.  Later next week we won’t be selling them online because they are mailed to you.  And at some point we will determine how many people we are going to feed and cut off tickets sales when that point is reached.  So, if you want to go, do something now or you might miss out on a great time.  You can also call the shop 877-448-3474.  We can take your ticket order and either mail them to you or hold them here.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us. Byron will be back tomorrow.

Daniel Drake
May 7, 2012 

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