Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains. The sun is shining bright over Townsend. It is going to be another perfect Spring day. I am actually hoping for some rain this weekend.

Water levels on the Little River system are excellent for fishing. They are a bit below normal but still a good flow. This morning the streamflow gauge is giving a reading of 1.73 feet or 170 c.f.s. This is below the daily normal of 237 c.f.s. Water temperatures are great at 60F.

Yellow Sallies is soon going to be the top of the must have flies list. May is a fantastic time for dry fly fishing. This time of year water levels are ideal, temperatures are ideal and the streams aren't too crowded yet. The trout have been eating topwater flies for awhile so they are accustomed to looking up to feed. The Yellow Sally hatch is one of the larger hatches in the Smokies and definitely one that you can count on. If you look in the fly bins here at the Shop you will find more patterns which imitate a Yellow Sally than just about any other fly. My favorite patterns are the classic Kauffman's Yellow Stimulator, the Neversink Caddis, and now Rob's Hellbender dry. These are all high floating flies which are easy to see in the rough pocket water. #14 are usually good early and getting smaller later.

I was looking at our Message Board this morning and saw a great post by James Locke. You can CLICK HERE to see the post even if you aren't a board member. The post shows some of the hard work involved in collecting and moving brookies for the Lynn Camp Prong restoration. If you have ever wondered how this is done check out the post.

We still have pleanty of space left in the Popper tying class with Anthony Hipps. This class is a bargain at $65. You will learn how to tie Anthony's Soft-Bodied Poppers. While not an advanced class, this class requires that you have a basic knowledge of fly tying techniques. All the tools and materials will be provided and even lunch. Please call us to reserve a spot. 865-448-9459.

There is still some Wapsi tying materials waiting to be checked in so I'm off to do that. Byron checked in the other day. He is enjoying his time at the beach. I know atleast one nice sea trout has had the pleasure of letting Paula transform it into a culinary masterpiece. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
May 7, 2014 


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