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Welcome to the Fishing Report. All of you trapped in the office for another can find a bit of solice in the fact that it is cloudy again here in Townsend and the rivers are still high. For those of you already here...or coming...atleast you are in the mountains.

The Little River is still flowing high. The gauge this morning is reading 3.06 feet or 705 c.f.s. This is quite a bit higher than the normal for this date of 241 c.f.s. Levels are dropping at slower rate than normal. There is just so much ground water it is crazy. We are almost 12 inches above normal for rainfall this year.

On a positive note....water temperatures are up this morning. 53.5F keeps us in a good place. Despite high levels people ARE catching trout. Some are doing fairly well, even on dry flies. When conditions are like we have experienced this Spring you need to stay flexible. You may not be able to fish your favorite locations. You can't just jump in the stream and wade till you are tired. This can be an opportunity to try some new things. Try some of the smaller streams, especially ones that drain smaller watersheds. Try some high elevation creeks. Don't forget about the larger rivers either. They have more volume of water but many are in lower elevations with less gradient. This allows the water to settle out more and feel less raging.

Anglers have been seeing a variety of insects. The lighter colored flies are beginning to work. Light Cahill, Sulphurs, lighter colored caddis, and Yellow Sallies ( little yellow stoneflies) have all begun to hatch. Fly sizes will range from #12 - #16.

Nymphs are always a great way to go when the water is up. Have some split shot to add to get them down to where the fish are. Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, Pheasant Tails etc are all excellent. Again..sizes ranging from #12 - #16.

Next weeks weather looks like it is going to be perfect. Highs in the upper 70's to 80's. Lows only in the 50's. If you enjoy dry fly fishing next week should be outstanding.

We go in some more preseason orders yesterday. Today will be spent digging through boxes and doing paperwork.

if you head out to careful and stay out of the water. Have a fun time though. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
May 8, 2013


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