Townsend, Tennessee

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny in Townsend this morning.  There was quite a bit of traffic in town.  I felt like I was not in a small town anymore.  A guy got on my bumper when I was turning left to go by the swinging bridge.  Then, he flipped me off.  I tried to find him at the Village Market afterwards.  I was going to have him arrested for being a jerk.  I didn’t see his truck or a policeman so I gave up and came to work.

Little River is dropping and it looks great.  There is still a lot of flow and the water warmed up some yesterday.  Fishing should be picking up.  Conditions are perfect.  You do need to be careful wading in the larger rivers.  Actually you should be careful wading anywhere. 

Rain chances are low for a couple of days.  Unless we get a surprise the stream flows should drop further and the fishing and wading will be easier. 

I would fish with dry flies, probably something yellow.  I would pick a Yellow Parachute Adams, #16 Yellow Stimulator or a #16 Neversink Caddis.  A regular Parachute Adams might be one of my choices to start out with.  If that didn’t work I would drop a bead head nymph off the dry.  If that didn’t work I would fish some heavily weighted nymphs on the bottom.  If that didn’t work I would probably sit on a rock with my feet in the water and relax.  I know that would work.  Stream watching is a soothing pastime.

The lakes are full of water.  Some of the dams are spilling over the gates.  Ted checked generation schedules.  He said there isn’t much of an opportunity for a wade fisherman in the tailwaters now. We’ve had 4.5” of rain in 12 days.    

Some of the Troutfest tents are going up today.  Jack, Joe and I were up at the Visitors Center last night painting the ground with orange paint and taking measurements.  Jack used two 100 foot measuring tapes.  Joe and I held the tip of each tape.  Jack used both of the smart ends of the tape so everything is square.  Jack had everything pre-calculated down to the 16th of an inch just like he would if he were building a house.  We did find one of the points was off by an inch.  It was kind of like “the heck with it, it’s just a tent”. 

Tomorrow, the mother of all tents will be pitched covering the parking lot of the Visitors Center.  This thing is 60’ x 120’.  That is 7,200 square feet.  We’ll have the banquet in it Friday night.  After that is over it will be converted to a 4,200 square foot area for the National Manufacturers to have their booths.  The remaining 3,000 feet will be for the fly tyers. Hopefully we’ll be finished making the conversion by midnight on Friday.

The cooking will begin today.  Volunteers will be working at a large church in Maryville in a commercial licensed kitchen.  They will all be wearing gloves and will be armed with bottles of disinfectant.  Troutfest is green and clean.  Friday some of the food will be prepared at Trailhead Steak House.  Also on Friday the big grills on wheels will be fired up and the chicken will start cooking.  Our whole food team has been working together on this for 6 years prior to this one.

Table decorations have been made.  No, Donna and the team don’t use the same decorations we had last year.  Every year we have a new theme.  Jack said he can barely walk around in he and Donna’s house due to the decorations for the dinner tent.

Debbie Teffeteller will make iced tea and coffee, cut lemons, get the water ready and she will spend most of Friday on that.

The “Pour Guys” will set up the bars to serve wine and beer.  The auction team will display the prizes.  Steve Samples will be the auctioneer again.  He’s really good.  He is also the Chairman of our County Commission.

I have to design a brochure containing the activities for the weekend and e-mail that to Office Depot to be printed.  Today I’ll meet the tent guys at the Visitors Center and show them Jack’s smart points painted on the ground.  I’m stuffing weekend passes into  badge holders.  I did over 1,000 yesterday.  I do another 1,000 today.  I’ve got to design two posters, print and mount them for the fly tying tent, make name tags for the tyers and volunteers, pick up lockable bank bags at the bank then pick Joe Humphreys up at the airport at 9:00 tonight.

Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser will both fly in Friday morning. 

It’s all coming together for you. I can’t wait.  See the schedule of events by CLICKING HERE.  See the fly tyers by CLICKING HERE.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 13, 2009

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