Townsend, Tennessee

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and beautiful in Townsend this morning.  It is very cool and there is a nice breeze.   Our little town was full of fly fishing anglers this weekend.  All the businesses here were as busy as they ever get.  Troutfest was good for our town and it’s economy. I am about as tired as I have ever been.

The rivers are high.  Saturday was a bluebird day and about 2,500 people (according to the parking crew’s estimates) showed up for Troutfest.  But Saturday night it rained hard evidently.  I slept through the whole thing but apparently there was some wind too.

Yesterday Little River was stained all day yesterday.  If you go fishing today you will need to find a small stream up high.  It will be nice.  The high today will be in the mid 60’s.  I didn’t get to take the water temperature this morning but I know it has cooled down some.  If fishing is not good today it is because of that.  It’s going to warm up this week and there is no rain in the forecast.  I just looked, our rainfall amount at the airport is up 1.41” from normal.  This is a good year.

It’s a little hard to write the fishing report right now.  Lefty Kreh is sitting at my fly tying desk here in my office tying bonefish flies.  Rhonda Stoddard from Temple Fork is sitting next to Lefty watching him tie.  And, Jack Gregory is here talking to Lefty about fishing in Belize.  So, I’m a little distracted.  Later I’m taking lefty and Rhonda to the Airport.  Rhonda lives in Dallas where Temple Fork is located.  Lefty lives near Baltimore.

Well, Troutfest was a huge success.  Everyone had a good time.  I had a lot of fires to put out as did many other volunteers.  The food had to be ready on time, the auction had be run smooth, hundreds of cars had to be parked for three days.  There was a lot going on.  The pressure was on all of us but we all had the time of our lives.

Jack and I just did a rough estimate of how much money we made at Troutfest.  We think the profit was around $30,000.  Our revenue was around $45,000.  Roy and I made 6 trips to the bank throughout the weekend and dropped locked bags in the night drop.  This week we’ll get three of us together and count it. 

There will be many stories to be told about Troutfest 2009.  You will read many of them here.

Thank you all for helping and working hard on this event.  Our steering committee did a tremendous job planning and implementing.  Over 100 hard working volunteers did a great job.  Lefty, Bob Clouser and Joe Humphreys all said they have never seen anything like this.  I think they will all be back next year. 

We hit a few bumps throughout the weekend and we learned a lot.  We were overwhelmed with the turnout.  We had never done anything this large.  But our efforts will be rewarded because the money we raise goes to the Park’s Fisheries Department and all of that money is leveraged several times to get more grants.  All the volunteers and people who attended will never forget this one.

Thank you for being here with us and have a great day.

Byron Begley
May 18, 2009

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