Townsend, Tennessee

Welcome to the Fishing Report. A heavy fog hovers about 200 feet above the ground over Townsend.  I can’t see the Smoky Mountains this morning.  If you are driving up to Elkmont and reading this on your Blackberry, someone else better be driving.  You are in a thick fog right now. 

Townsend is serving a lot of visitors.  It is Memorial Day, which is a time to honor our service men and women who have fallen while protecting our precious freedom.  And, on this day we celebrate our military around the world who are charged with the same mission.  This is their day.

Fishing is deluxe.  I don’t know if you have ever heard that before.  I don’t think I have ever thought that before.  Fishing is primo, high end, stepped up, premium, high octane, the glass is full, I don’t know, you name it.  Fishing is very good. 

It rained like crazy for a few minutes last night and a little off and on yesterday.  The flow is up a some from yesterday but I’m going to tell you this, Little River looks perfect this morning.  The water temperature in town is 62 degrees. 

The trout are taking dry flies.  A Parachute Adams will work but I would use something yellow.  It could be a Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Palmer, Neversink Caddis, any Yellow Sally pattern and whatever else you can think of that’s yellow.  Of course a Light Cahill would work too.  I would use a Green Weenie, Bead Head Pheasant Tail, Prince or Tellico for a nymph. 

The fishing conditions are such that it probably doesn’t matter much which fly you use.  What is most important is your approach to the stream, stay hidden, don’t spook the trout with your fly line and get a good drift.  After you have made a few casts in an area move on.  If you do that you will catch trout right now.

We have a new feature on the Fishing Report.  You have been asking for it.  We finally got it done or I should say thanks to Daniel it is done.  We had a break in store traffic yesterday so he wrote the code and I designed the graphic. 

What I’m talking about is the Fishing Report Archive down and to the left of this page.  You can now scroll down, click on the date you want and read the report for that day.  There is still a lot of work left to do.  The new page you will open is a narrow pop up page design that we used to use.  I have designed new pages so by this afternoon you can see them.

Paula and I got an e-mail from Lefty Kreh yesterday.  He thanked us for taking care of him, he loved Troutfest and as usual he commented on how friendly people around here are.  He also said Rick Pope who is the owner of Temple Fork often mentioned the same thing.  Rick and Lefty have always said this is such a friendly town.  They have both been here several times to help us promote our shop and Temple Fork. 

Actually, “Friendly” describes this whole area.  I noticed that quality years ago.  Maybe that is one reason I moved here.

Thanks to Tom Ferriter who is the President of Bush’s Beans.  His company donated the beans to Troutfest.  And they are gooooood!  Tom is a fly fisherman, he reads the Message Board and hopefully today he will read the Fishing Report.  Thanks Tom for all you do.  Bush’s Beans is another of our local companies who believe in giving back to the community.  We have many companies like that around here.  Not only do we have friendly people, that translates into friendly companies.  Visit Bush’s Beans website HERE.

Another company that gives back is Randy Boyd’s PetSafe.  Visit his website HERE. Randy has been very good to our community.  I am serving on a new committee with him and I look forward to knowing him better.  One thing he did was donate $250,000 to start Cades Cove Heritage Tours which is a non-profit alternative to driving your car around the 11 mile loop.  He’s done a lot more than that too.  Randy is a nice guy.

Ruby Tuesday is another local company that always steps up when support for a good cause is needed. Sandy Beall is Chairman, he is serving on the same committee with Randy and I and in fact, the committee was his idea. So add Ruby Tuesday to the list of companies here who "give back". Thanks Sandy. Visit their website HERE.

Sandy's family owns Blackberry Farm and are partners in Dancing Bear Lodge. Both companies donated a combined stay at Dancing Bear and a day of guided fishing at Blackberry to Troutfest. The package auctioned for the nice price of $750. Visit Dancing Bear's website HERE. Visit Blackberry Farm's website HERE.

It’s nice to live here.  I never have a bad day.  I’m a lucky guy.

Have a great Memorial Day and please pray for our military personnel. 

Byron Begley
May 25, 2009

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