Townsend, Tennessee
May 27, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Fog is hiding my view of the Smokies this morning.  It is hovering at about 1,600 feet according to my non-scientific calculation.  Thank goodness I’m not telling an airline pilot how to land a plane.  It is overcast and it will be for a couple of days.  It is quiet in town.  Memorial Day Weekend Recovery is present in our Tuckaleechee Cove workforce. 

It has been a wet year and I am not complaining.  Little River is flowing above normal for this date and the water is clear.  The water warmed to 63 degrees this morning which is good for trout fishing.  In the Park, higher in the mountains the water is cooler.

It is going to rain some more then by the end of the week we will start drying out. 

Right now, fishing conditions are perfect and fishing is excellent.  Anglers have fared well.  I just talked to one who had a great day yesterday fishing up high. Fishing is especially good right before dark and that trend will continue for some time.  Yellow Sally stoneflies are hatching as well as other aquatic insects. I would use dry flies because I like to.  And, those dry flies would be Parachute Adams, Yellow Sally imitations, #16 Yellow Stimulator and #16 Neversink Caddis.  I might drag a Green Weenie behind the dry fly.  Right now the trout’s metabolism is in high gear in the Smokies.  

I heard from a friend that she heard from a friend that mayflies are hatching at the highest rate in 20 years.  I sent her and e-mail to seek verification.  I have heard some great stories.  If that is true and it may have been some very broad scientific study, it would mean that water quality is improving and the drought is over.  I bet that information is a scientific study not specifically done in the Smokies.  But, I am looking forward to reading the data if it is available.

Milt, my new friend and our customer from Hawaii sent me an e-mail yesterday that was very thought provoking.  He got me thinking again about the Keep The Peace Foundation.  For a long time I have considered keeping the peace as a slogan to do just that on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies.  The Keep the Peace logo would include the “Peace Sign” that was very popular during the 60’s.  If you are my age you probably saw that image plastered on a bunch of Volkswagen Beetles and other places. 

So what would the Keep the Peace Foundation do?  Raise money.  Where would the money go?  I think the money would be used to preserve green space in Tuckaleechee Cove.  I’ve heard the word Tuckaleechee came from the Cherokee language which means Peaceful.  I can’t verify that. 

So, how could that money be used to preserve green space in Tuckaleechee Cove?  Well, for one thing we could purchase 22 acres next to the Vistors Center and donate it to the Smoky Mountain Visitors Bureau.  There would be restrictions on how it could be used.  It would cost about $2 million to buy it.  So, why not keep the property?  If it were turned over to the Visitors Bureau we would not have to pay property taxes on it which would eat the foundation alive.

The Smoky Mountain Convention and Visitors Bureau is about to buy 10 acres for $1.4 million.  We are working to close on that in the next week or so.  My job now is to have it surveyed. 

What else could the foundation do?  The Keep the Peace Foundation could raise the money necessary to re-build the dam at Laurel Lake.  The lake was drained in 1992.  It was originally 50 acres.  Now it is 5 acres.  There is a movement underway to do just that.  We donated $500 to the cause a few weeks ago to rent equipment and get the lake bed cleared by volunteers.  Laurel Lake was one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen.  That body of water reflected Great Smoky Mountains in the background and I would give almost anything to see it again.

The foundation could purchase run down commercial property in Townsend and sell it to developers who would re-develop in a sensible way using design standards set by the foundation and strict restrictions on how it would be used.

So, there is an idea for you.  Thanks Milt for bringing it back.

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Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 27 2009

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