Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. The weather is very nice here in Townsend this morning with cool temperatures and a clear blue sky. The forecast is calling for a chance of isolated thunder storms this afternoon. It is pretty much the typical Summer forecast. You never can be sure when a thunderstorm will just pop up in the mountains in the Summer.

We could use some rain. The Little River is flowing at a good level but it is a bit below normal. We are still down several inches of rainfall for the year. With lower water levels and temperatures rising during the day you might want to start exploring some of the higher elevation streams if you haven't already. These streams will be cooler due to the elevation and they also tend to have a higher gradient which causes them to be more oxygenated. Higher elevation streams will be smaller so adjust your expectations about fish size. Your average size is going to be more in the 4" to 6" range.
Lower elevation streams such as Little River below Elkmont and Tremont will fish better in the morning or evening. The warmest part of the day is usually around 3pm but after that everything starts to cool down for evening. The Yellow Sallies have been hatching in the evenings up till dark.

Light colored dry fly patterns such as Yellow stoneflies, light cahills and sulphur patterns have been good. Try some terrestrials like the Green Weenie and ant patterns too. Nymphs like BH Pheasant Tail and Copper johns have been working well. Sizes ranging from #14 to #16.

For those of you planning on fishing Elkmont in the coming weeks, keep in mind road closures due to the fireflies. You won't be able to park in Elkmont from 5pm till midnight from June 5 until June 14. This doesn't affect campers in the campground as far as I know. You can can Great Smoky Mountains National Park for more info. 865-436-1200.

Fishing reports have been mixed for the Park over the past week. Some people are doing well and others are having a hard time of it. Elkmont hasn't been providing too many good reports. I'm not sure what would be causing it. My leading guess would be the full moon. I have no actual evidence to support this but it seems that during a full moon fishing in the Smokies slows.
If I was going, I would try the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River. There can be quite a bit of climbing over boulders so if mobility is an issue you might look for a different locale. If I had a whole day I would consider the Oconoluftee River too. It is easy to navigate and holds a bunch of brown trout.

I snuck away from home last night and fished at a local pond for some bream. That kind of fishing is just enjoyable to me. I have a new 2wt Helios rod that I had been waiting to try out. In the past I have never been a proponent of light line weights but I think this rod may change my mind (for some applications). It was really fun to fish with. The rod is 8'4" so it's long enough for line control and makes a relatively long cast well. I was fishing a rubberleg terrestrial pattern and the rod cast it with no problem. The lightness of the rod made catching 4 inch sunfish a blast. I really enjoyed how delicately the leader and fly rolled out.
For larger fish I still would want the extra landing strength of a 5wt, but for small fish, the 2wt is fun.

Well like Byron wrote yesterday we are busy trying to get the store re-stocked. I better get back to that now. Get out and fish if you can!

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
May 27, 2010

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