Townsend, Tennessee
May 28, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  We had a downpour this morning and I mean a downpour.  But it was gone just as fast as it started.  Now the sun is shining.  We may get some more rain today then we’ll dry out for a spell. 

Little River looks perfect.  Fishing is excellent.  I talked to a customer yesterday who fished up high the day before.  He fishes here a lot but day before yesterday was as good as it gets for him.  He was driving back up to the Chimneys area to do it again. 

This is the time of year to be out there.  The trout are active.  They are hitting dry flies and nymphs and it probably doesn’t matter much which flies you use or where you are.  I would stick with a Light Cahill or Yellow Sally Pattern.  In the evenings the action is fast and furious.  The shade brings out the lack of fear and appetite in trout.  The bugs are more active too.

I think Paula and I are going to float Little River next week.  I’m covered up with putting the Little River Journal together this week.  The river has been high but now it looks great down stream.  I’m looking forward to spending a couple of days in a canoe catching smallmouth and red eyes. 

And finally after talking about this for a month, my plan is to drive to Morristown today and order that boat.  I’ve talked to Jimmy, the owner of Tri-County Marine about every week.  But, we’ve never met, I need to look at the list of what will be on the boat and he probably needs some money before he places the order.  It will take a month to get it in.

Two weeks ago I chomped down on a bacon cheeseburger and broke a tooth.  I’ve been too busy to go to the dentist and it didn’t hurt so I just let it go until Troutfest was over.  I called John’s office yesterday and made an appointment for the afternoon.

One of his assistants looked at it and told me a huge chunk was gone.  Then John came in.  He is not only my dentist but also a very close friend.  We started talking about fishing as usual.  I told him I was going to order a boat today.  He looked in my mouth and said I would need a crown.  A crown?  That’s a thousand bucks.

So, my lesson to you is, never walk into a dentist office with a broken tooth and talk about buying something as expensive and unnecessary as a boat. 

He was kidding.  He patched up the tooth and I got out of there for a little over one hundred bucks.  I love going there.  He and his people are the best and they are fun to be around.  I go every four months and always look forward to going back. 

There is an interesting thread on our message board that I spent a lot of time commenting on last night.  One of our customers wants us to put our fly tying materials on the online catalog and said he would buy everything from us instead of shopping around.  OK, that got my attention.  I like the idea of having customers do all their shopping here.  And, listening to your customers is one of the smartest things someone who runs a business can do.

You’ll have to read the thread.  But, I went into a lot of detail about our fly tying department and how it is not very profitable, if at all.  If you factor in overhead it is the least profitable department in our store and it takes up a ton of valuable space. 

Due to the vast number of items, managing fly tying materials is tough for us and our suppliers.  It takes as much labor to order and receive a package of dubbing as it does to do the same with a $500 fly rod.  And, even with all of the sophisticated computers and software that we have it is still not completely automated.

So, I hope the fellow understands.  And I hope you understand.  That department exists because one third of our customers patronize it and it brings customers into the shop.  But, putting all those items on the online catalog at this point would not work for us.  Maybe in the future our vendors will become more automated, we’ll figure out a way to do it we will have taken a tremendous step forward as a fly shop.

For years, fly tying has been the core of the shop, it’s in our DNA.  That won’t change or I don’t think it will.  But getting all that stuff online will take a joint effort with our suppliers and one very hard working person here doing a lot of boring work.  Finding someone to do that work has been hard.  They always end up quitting.  Can’t say as I blame them.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 28, 2009

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