Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountians. No rain in Townsend this morning, just clear blue skies. The thunderstorm yesterday morning muddied up the Middle Prong but that is all cleared up now. The weather report is calling for a chance of scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. It is almost there is a chance for thunderstorms almost every afternoon from here on out.

Water levels are getting a bit low here in the Little River drainage. The streamflow gauge is giving a reading of 1.65 feet or 125 c.f.s. This is lower than the daily normal of 193 c.f.s. Water temperatures are still good though. This morning the temperature is reading around 64F.

The North Carolina side of the Smokies has been getting more rain. The streams over there have been flowing at good levels, higher than our side. If you have never ventured over the mountain you should spend a day or weekend trying it sometime. There are some great streams that aren't too far away. As long as you are still inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park, your Tennessee fishing license is all you need to fish.

Many anglers have been fishing dry flies. Lighter colors are the way to go. Light Cahill and Sulphur mayflies have been good. Of course Yellow Sallies are excellent. Most of the flies in our bins which immitate the Yellow Sallies are called something else. There is the Little Yellow Stone, Neversink Caddis, Rob's Hellbender Dry, Stimulators, Parachute Madam X, X-Caddis in Yellow, Extended Body Yellow Stonefly, Headlight Sally. All just variations of the same bugs. Size 14 or 16 is the way to go right now.
Anglers have been doing well on the Barbie bugs lately. These pink inch worms don't look like much but they catch fish. It is a very light fly so it works well as a dropper.

Fishing a dropper has its advantages and disadvantages. They can be very effective this time of year when some of the trout are eating up top and others are feeding subsurface. The dry fly acts as your indicator for the nymph. Troubles are that this rig can be more difficult to cast. You can't do pretty, tight dry fly loops. That will get you tangled into a horrible mess. When you are casting two flies it is better to do more of an oval cast. That helps to keep the flies out of each other's way. Having the nymph below the surface will also change the drift of the dry. There is no real way around that....but then the dry is mostly there as an indicator with a hook. There is a thread going on on the message board discussing droppers. You can Click Here to read the post of the Forum.   As with anything in fly fishing there is multiple ways to do everything. You have to learn which works best for you. If you have never looked around on the Message Board you should check it out. There is a treasure trove of info on there. People will ask a question and get lots of good answers and suggestions. You don't have to be a member or logged in to read the posts. If you want to post questions you need to be a registered user. To register you just have to fill out some keep spammers out we have the software set that I have to change your status to a registered user. I've been keeping up with this better lately so it shouldn't take more than 24 hours for you to get going. If you are already a member and have forgotten your user name or password, give me a call here at the Shop and I can get that all cleared up for you.

Fishing should be good in the Smokies today. The moon is dark and the mountains are pretty quiet after the busy holiday weekend. Things to keep in mind when heading to the Smokies. Cades Cove is closed on Wednesday and Saturday mornings until 10 for the bicylclists. The Chimney Tops trail is closed Monday through Thursdays until October 16 for trail work. It is open on the weekends. If you are wanting to fish Road Prong keep this closure in mind.

I better finish this up. I've got a desk full of fly tying thread that needs to be put into tiny little bags. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
May 28, 2014  

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