Townsend, Tennessee
May 29, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is a little cloudy right now and sometime during the night it rained.  We got almost 1/3 of an inch again.  That has become an everyday occurrence.  But not for long.  We are going to dry out for a while.  Townsend is quiet, not many visitors are visiting.  Right now it is mostly us locals. 

The rivers and streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Parks look perfect.  I was in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge yesterday and I noticed the Little Pigeon River was muddy.  The flow looked good and I couldn’t help but think about all of those big smallmouth bass waiting for something to drift by like one of my flies. 

Fishing is very good in the Park.  We could not ask for better conditions.  The flow and temperature could not be better.  The moon is not full.  The weather forecast is right on.  I would go if I could right now.  It will be next week for me. 

I think you could catch trout on just about anything right now.  I would probably use a Parachute Adams, Yellow Stimulator, Neversink Caddis and Green Weenies.  I might tie on a Light Cahill or Parachute in the same color.  That’s what I would do.  And, the best fishing is right before dark. 

Thanks to all our contributors to the Little River Journal, David Knapp, Lefty Kreh, David Perry, Don Winningham, Gary McCown and Steve Yates. Without you guys the Journal would not be what it is.  You all are the best.

I write articles and gear reviews too.  It is fun to put together and it’s getting easier and faster for me.  I’ve got today and tomorrow to get the June issue finished.  Today I’m hiking up to the Lynn Camp Prong Cascade to get some photos for David Perry’s article.  I know it’s a tough job but it has to be done.

Yesterday was interesting and it was kind of a day off.  After I finished the Fishing Report I headed to Morristown and drove through Pigeon Forge and Sevierville.  I stopped at Friends of the Smokies main office.  I had never been there.  Our store just donated $500 worth of tackle for a fundraiser they are holding tonight.  And yesterday some of the staff were getting ready for another fund raiser that was held in Waynesville, North Carolina.  I saw Sarah Weeks and she introduced me to some ladies working there.  Jim Hart, the executive director was already in Waynesville getting ready for that event.

Sarah is the Director of Development and she worked with us on Troutfest.  She has a vast amount of fundraising and volunteer experience, first at the University of Tennessee Alumni Department and now at Friends.  She did a great job planning and executing Troutfest.  Her experience was critical to our success.  It was great to see where they work. I wanted to talk to Jim and thank him for helping us.  

Then I drove to Morristown to order a fishing boat.  This is just a plain 16’ V hull boat with a 20 hp Mercury 4 stroke engine.  It is about as basic and inexpensive as you can get.  I had talked to the owner of Tri-County Marine, Jimmy Hensley several times over the past few weeks but we had never met. 

When I got there I felt like I was in our shop.  The showroom was well stocked, I was greeted by a couple of nice people then Jimmy, who was waiting on another customer said he would be with me in a few minutes.  I think he knew who I was because I called earlier and told him I was coming over to order the boat.

I wandered around and looked at the $40,000 bass boats.  I have no desire to own one of those even if they gave it to me.  My goal is to have a very light boat that can be towed by a small vehicle and the boat I want does not use much fuel.  I looked at all the accessories he had for sale.  Buying a boat is like getting into fly fishing.  You buy a rod, reel and waders then you find out there is a lot of other stuff you need.

Of utmost importance to me was the service department.  Would I be taken care of after the sale?  I looked back into the service department.  There were two technicians working on engines.  Jimmy and I talked for two hours, we went over the sales contract, I gave him a check as a deposit and while I was sitting there he called Lowe and ordered the boat, trailer and spare tire.  The lady at Lowe told him on the speakerphone that he should get it around July 1st. 

I stopped by Bass Pro Shops on the way home and wandered around there.  I guess if there is anything Jimmy doesn’t have for a boat Bass Pro does.  I didn’t see the service department at Bass Pro so I called this morning to see if they’ve got one.  The have one that services Mercury outboards.  Bass Pro also sells Optima batteries.  They are my favorite batteries, I have two of them but it’s good to know that I can run over to Bass Pro and pick one up.

I’ll drive further to see Jimmy if I need anything because we are now friends.  And I’ll probably become a Bass Pro customer more than I already am.  I order kayak accessories and marine equipment from them.  They have been good to me.

Yesterday was like a day off and I enjoyed every minute of it, even driving through Pigeon Forge.  Traffic was light and moving fast.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 29, 2009


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