Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Report.  What a beautiful morning in Townsend, Tennessee.  Traffic is almost non-existent.  The air is clear.  As I drove through our little place in paradise, Dry Valley, I could clearly see in perfect detail the Great Smoky Mountains.  I was dragging the boat behind me this morning.  I took her home for a good scrubbing last night.  “The Minnow” is “Ship Shape” as my dad used to say.  He was a Navy gunnery officer.  He liked shooting stuff with big guns from ships. 

We are going to get some rain today, tonight, Thursday and Friday.  It is really going to cool off too.  By the weekend, we will experience high temperatures in the 70’s unless something changes between now and then. 

Little River is flowing at 139 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 196 cfs.  I don’t stop at the river to take the water temperature any more.  I found out that information is available online in real time.  Well, today that website won’t open.  I’m going to guess.  The water temperature is 65 degrees.  I bet I’m real close.

Fishing is good despite the low water and more than usual human traffic on the water.  The guides all did well this weekend.  I also talked to customers who fished in other streams around the Park, even Abrams Creek.  The story was the same.  The fish fed like crazy early and late.  And, they were taking anything yellow that looks like a Yellow Sally Stonefly.  The trout liked yellow.  They will like yellow today too.

I had previously planned to fish Little River in the lower stretches this week for smallmouth bass.  I changed my mind.  I think I going to drag the boat to the Cherokee National Forest and fish for bass and bluegill on Indian Boundary Lake.  It takes about an hour and 20 minutes to get there from here.  It is an electric motor only lake.  I can leave the gas tank at home.  I love fishing electric-motor-only lakes.  I wish we had a lot more of them around here. They are so quiet and peaceful.

I may go alone.  I want to check out some cabin rental companies while I’m there.  I like the idea of taking mini-vacations there.
The newer trolling motors, batteries and chargers are super efficient.  We have two Optima batteries, a Minn Kota on board charger and a Minn Kota saltwater safe motor.  This motor has a variable speed control and circuits that they say allows you to use it up to 5 times longer on a charge. 

I believe it.  Jack and I fished last week for 8 hours.  The battery gauge indicated we only used half of the charge in one battery.  I keep the charger plugged in and maintaining both batteries 24/7/365.  The batteries are the AGM type and their useful life is supposed to be 10 years.  One of ours is 5 years old.  The other is 3 years old.  I highly recommend the Optima D34 M for trolling or cranking.  They are on the expensive side, $225 delivered to your door.

Our website traffic has increased substantially during the past 12 months.  The main reason is, I work hard on our website.  This report takes 1.5 hours per day.  I spend over 500 hours per year on this one page.  I think it’s worth the trouble and I enjoy doing it every morning, even on my days off which is 1 per week.  On those days I write the report very early.  Last week I started at 5:30 am on my day off, finished up and went fishing.  I can do this from home too.  I have a mirrored Mac just like this one with all the software.  All I have to do is backup one file, take it home and load it onto the other Mac.  Then, the next morning I do the same thing in reverse.  That also gives me an important backup on two computers and a remote hard drive in two different buildings. 

We will have, by the end of May around 750,000 visitors for the first 5 months of the year.  If we keep that up we should end the year at 1.8 million.  Visitors are unique in a 24 hour period.  We all know some people visit this website every day.  So, they are counted as 365 visitors.

Considering our visitation growth, we may actually reach the milestone of 2 million visitors this year.  That is my goal.

We are busy here re-stocking the store.  We sold a ton of gear during Troutfest and we started out completely stocked.  We should be in pretty good shape by Friday. 

Hey, the USGS water temperature website opened finally.  The water temperature is 66 degrees.  Now the TVA Lake Level site won’t open.  There it goes.  You will have accurate lake level information in the lower left box.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 29, 2012

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