Townsend, Tennessee
June 2, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and warm in Townsend this morning.  They say we will reach 89 degrees today.  It is quiet in town.  There is not much activity.  I’m sure this weekend will be busy.  After attending a City Commission meeting last night I hung around and talked to some Commissioners and our Police Chief.  One of our Commissioners is Charles Tippett.  Remember the library that was located next to us for several years at our old building?  He started it.  It is a non-profit entity but it began using his money and time.  It is named The Mary Tippett Memorial Library after his wife who died not long after they moved to Townsend in the late 80’s.    The library has moved to a location near Townsend Elementary School.  Mr. Tippett commented to me last night about why Townsend is such a great place to live.  There are many reasons but most have to do with the people who live here.  We pretty much all get along.  We both agreed on that.

I also talked to Ronnie Suttles who is our Police Chief.  The subject last night was the same as usual when we get together, we talk about fishing.  But, if I am ever in a situation with a gun pointed at me, Ronnie is the guy I want to see walking my way.  I think he could take care of any situation no matter how dangerous it is.  And, he’s a nice guy and good friend. That is a great combination to have as our town’s Police Chief.  Those two guys are part of what is nice about living in Townsend.

Fishing is excellent pretty much everywhere.  It should be.  It is that time of year.  Little River looks good.  The flow is right about normal for this date and the water temperature in town is currently 63 degrees.  The water is going to start warming up.  Early mornings and evenings are the best time to fish in the Park.  When the sun is on the water the trout prefer to stay hidden.  On cloudy days or when the sun is off the water fishing is much better.  But right now, from 7:00 until dark is prime time.  All kinds of bugs are hatching and the trout are very active. 

I would probably use a Yellow Sally Stonefly pattern in a #16 or a Light Cahill for dry flies.  For nymphs I would use a Green Weenie or a Bead Head Pheasant Tail.  Ants and beetles should work good too. 

Paula and I plan to float Little River on Thursday and Friday.  We may get weathered out on Thursday.  We plan to float 14 miles in the lower section and fish for smallmouth bass over the two day period.  If the thunderstorms get us on Thursday we’ll float 7 miles on Friday.

Tailwater anglers are seeing some decent generation schedules again.  There have been some complaints about crowds.  It is not crowded here during the week.  And you can always find solitude somewhere especially if you are willing to hike or paddle a canoe or kayak. 

We are busy.  May was our second biggest month ever.  Last year May was our second best month ever.  And May 2005 still holds our all time sales record.  But, back then we were in the clothing and guiding business.  We dropped both of those.  So when you compare apples to apples, May this year was our largest month.

It is apparent that our economy is turning around at least in some parts of the country and in some sectors of the economy.  The markets are climbing up and companies that are now leaner are showing profits and have a positive cash flow.  Wall Street likes that.

I’ve been watching Brunswick Corporation for a lot of reasons.  In addition to bowling, billiards and exercise equipment I think they are the largest boat manufacturer in the world.  The Chairman and CEO is Dusty McCoy.  Dusty used to be a customer here when he ran Sea Ray years ago.  He moved up the chain to the top of the company.

The boat business has been hit hard from all directions.  I was told recently that more boats were sold in 1979 than any other year.  That would indicate to me that participation is dropping.  But lately, high fuel costs, the economy, lack of financing for individuals, lack of floor planning or financing for dealers and re-possessions from owners have caused the boating industry to fall 35% to 45%.

In a report released by Brunswick in April, they say they are losing money but their cash flow is positive.  Brunswick owns Bayliner, Cabo Yachts, Crestliner, Hatteras, Lowe, Lund, Triton, Sea Ray, Mercury, Boston Whaler and a lot of other boat companies.  I just ordered a Lowe and a Mercury to stay true to the brand that began in 1845 in the United States. 

A lot of boat companies have manufacturing facilities around here including Sea Ray.  And, unfortunately some of the workforce in this industry have been laid off.  The boating business like automobiles have suppliers that rely on them.  Fiberglass and resins, vinyl upholstery and balsa wood are all major components used to manufacturer boats and those businesses are suffering too.

Some experts say the boating business will never recover completely.  But, I bet Brunswick adjusts and diversifies.  In business that is what you do.  The automobile companies are doing it now.  So are we.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us and supporting our shop.

Byron Begley
June 2, 2009


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