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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is foggy and 66 degrees in Townsend this morning.  Tropical Storm Andrea moved through the Southern Appalachians last night and dropped rain in some of the watersheds.  Little River and the Little Pigeon River are flowing high.  The water is turbid.  Tellico River is flowing strong too but it does not look to be affected by last nights rain very much.  Cataloochee Valley must have been missed buy the rain too.  We only had .10” in our gauge at the shop.  The rain missed Townsend.  I could hear the thunder from our house.

Little River is flowing at 765 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 3.16 feet on the gauge.  Median flow for this date is 154 cfs.  I would probably not fish in Little River unless one of the prongs is flowing low.  The Park got rain in some areas and not in others last night.  One or more of the Prongs of Little River might have been spared.  I doubt it. The water temperature at 8:00 am is 60.3 degrees.

Little River is falling.  The water level peaked last night at a little over 1,000 cfs.  That may take some time to drop down.  Or, maybe not.  We were surprised last week when the flow reached 900 cfs and dropped down to a fishable level in a day or so.

If you go fishing in the Smokies, pick a small stream and hopefully the one you choose is not blown out.  Cataloochee is a long drive for many of us but what a great place to be fishing.

TVA will be generating from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm today at Cherokee Dam.  They will be generating at Douglas Dam on and off but there may be some fishing opportunities this afternoon.  The Norris Dam turbines will be off until 1:00 pm today.  Please check the TVA schedules before you go.  They could be different than what you see here right now.

The lowland river are turbid and high near here, specifically the Little Pigeon and Little River.  Someone asked me about Abrams Creek yesterday.  He wanted to go smallmouth bass fishing in the lower river.  Since there is not a USGS flow gauge on the river, I don’t know what the conditions are.

It is a weekend.  That’s the reason the streams are high.  It has happened almost every weekend this year.  We are expecting more rain tomorrow afternoon through Monday.  It just doesn’t end.  Tourism is certainly affected by the weather and the conditions have not been visitor friendly this year, especially on the weekends.  Most business people in Townsend are complaining about business.  Rainfall, so far this year is up about 60% from normal. 

One interesting trend I have noticed in our store is a surge in fly tying material sales.  We have been ordering more often than usual for this time of year and we still run out of stuff.  I have placed 4 fly tying material orders this week and I’ll place another one tomorrow.  People are staying home more and fishing less.  The anglers who tie flies are tying more often I guess. I am doing the same thing.  My fishing day is Wednesday.  I’ve been weathered out on Wednesdays too.  Wind and lake temperatures have been my problem.  I feel your pain.

We all know that eventually, fishing is going to be excellent again.  I hope that happens in a few days.

I was looking for a map of the United States online this morning.  I need a map that I can use to draw in the areas where smallmouth bass can be found.  I also want to show their original native distribution.  I need this map to be legal to use on our website without any copyright infringements.  I found free maps.  They are free if you want to print one for your own use.  But, using a map on a website is very different.  That falls under the category of wide distribution.  Even if I buy a map, there are certain restrictions to be aware of.  One company that sells maps excludes use as the primary image on a page or for selling or marketing merchandise. Before I buy a map of the United States, I need to make sure I’m sticking to the conditions of use contract.  The search will continue tonight.

I would also like to design a map showing the original native distribution of some species of trout in the United States.  That would be rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout.  That would be an interesting map.  Again, I can’t just download one designed by someone else.  That would be illegal.

I found an online flyshop website a few days ago that downloaded one of the images from our website that I personally created.  I have the original photographs in high resolution that match perfectly.  It is hard to believe someone would take that chance.  I will be watching that website for a while. 

We do a lot of our own photography for our website.  We have a semi-professional photography studio.  I use it often.  It takes a lot of time to photograph and prepare a photo for a website.  I can spend an hour or more on one photo.  Some online sellers place an almost transparent logo on top of their images so they are not used by their competitors.  I hate the way that looks.  I hope we don’t have to start doing that.

The sun is shining now.  I hope you all can find a good place to fish today. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 8, 2013

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