Townsend, Tennessee
June 12, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is overcast and we are getting a few sprinkles.  Last night we got quite a bit of rain and thunder.  Little River is up from yesterday morning but not by much.  The water is clear in town and 64 degrees.  Traffic has picked up.  The tourists are rolling in finally.  I’ve been a little worried about our tourism business here.  It seems to have been slow.  I talked to a motel operator yesterday.  She reassured me that things are OK.  I also talked to a friend who owns a riding stable.  He said they were doing fine except when it rained.  And we have had a lot of rain this year.  Our business is fine. 

Great news for Townsend.  The Visitors Bureau closed on the purchase of ten acres next to the Visitors Center yesterday.  I worked on that project for 18 months.  The $1.4 million dollar investment will be raised through a tax on motels, campgrounds, lodges and cabin rentals.  The increase is 1%, which visitors will pay.  That could cost you fifty cents or more per night.  For those who like green space that is probably what that ten acres will be for a long time. For sure, it won’t be a strip shopping center or tourist attraction. Townsend has a lot of green space and much of it is protected through a conservation easement. 

Fishing was good yesterday, not great but good.  One customer showed us a photo of a nice brown he caught near Elkmont.  He didn’t measure it but we thought it looked to be over 14”.  Other anglers told us they did pretty well.  There was a strong front moving in and that seems to have an adverse effect on the fishing.  Yellow Sally Stoneflies are producing well especially late in the evening.  With the cloud cover we have now fishing should be pretty good during the day.  If the trout are not taking dry flies switch to nymphs or wet flies.  You would probably be better off fishing a dry with a nymph as a dropper during the day. 

Paula and I are off today.  We are hoping to fish the lower Little River for smallmouth bass.  We planned to float but muddy water downstream won’t allow that today.  So, we’ll probably just wade closer to Townsend where the water is clear.  I have a pile of Stealth Bombers I’ve been tying and can’t wait to try them out. 

The tailwaters are fishing extremely well for trout and smallmouth.   

I made two trips to the bank yesterday.  I like going to the bank.  Our small local bank is a well-run business and the people who work there are like family.  The CEO, Joe is a customer of ours and he is a great guy. 

One day I was an actor in a commercial for Zip Lock Bags.  We were set up on the Middle Prong just above the Glory Hole.  There was a huge crew plus a ton of equipment.  The lighting was powered by a generator mounted on a large trailer.  We even had a makeup person working constantly.  That was the first and hopefully last time I will wear makeup. No, I was not wearing lipstick.

So there we were, cameras rolling, large lights shining on the creek and here comes this guy in a Kayak floating down the stream with a fly rod poking out of his boat.  It was Joe. 

Citizens Bank of Blount County has several branches and is privately held.  Years ago, one of the stockholders needed to sell his stock due to health reasons.  Joe came to us.  Paula and I bought some.  Now, I get the annual report and I read every page.  I am familiar with and remember most of the important numbers.  That bank is still making money right now even though there are not many people borrowing money.  I guess someday a big bank will buy us out. Financially that would be a good thing for us but I hope it doesn’t happen in my lifetime.  I like things the way they are. 

I was in a bank once during an armed robbery.  It was the Hillsboro Village Branch of First American Bank in Nashville.  I was in one of the offices doing business with the branch manager.  I didn’t see a thing.  But, they locked us in, the FBI showed up and it was an interesting day. That was before cell phones and a lot of people were wondering where I was.  They saw me that night on the news though so I had an alibi.

NOTE:  The road to Cades Cove will be closed Saturday June 13th at noon from the “Y” to the Cove.  A special 75th Anniversary event will be held.  The Knoxville Symphony will be playing with Lamar Alexander on the piano.  Only cars with vehicle passes will be allowed to pass through. 

Also, the fireflies are displaying their popular and unique performance at Elkmont.  It will be crowded up there in the evenings and you may not be able to get in unless you are camping.  You can take a shuttle from Sugarlands.  This will last a couple of weeks I think. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 12, 2009 


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