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Welcome to the Fishing Report. It is a nice quiet start to this Wednesday here in Townsend. The sky is blue and the air is still a little cool. We actually had a full day yesterday with no rain. That probably won't hold true today. The weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms this afternoon. Thunderstorms are just one of those summertime things.

Water levels are doing better this morning. They are still up pretty high. The Little River gauge this morning is at 2.73 feet or 515 c.f.s. This is higher than the daily normal of 159 c.f.s. This time of year the streamflow gauge doesn't always tell 100% of the story. I can be a little deceiving due to how rain falls. In the Winter and Spring rain blankets the area and the streams get a pretty consistent dousing of water. This time of year we have more isolated thunderstorms which may only effect one watershed. The streamflow gauge may spike up but all that water could be coming from just one prong of the river. When you get to the Y, the Little River could be running high and muddy....but the Middle Prong or West Prong could be as low and clear as normal.

Afternoon thunderstorms are definitely something to be conscious of. Lightning is a bag thing.....especially with an 8 foot graphite rod. Flash floods are a real possibility too. Just because the sun is shining where you are fishing doesn't mean that the clouds didn't open up upstream. If you see the water change color, or flows increasing make sure you are on the trail or roadside of the creek.

Dry fly patterns have been what most people have been fishing. Yellow Sally patterns, such as the Neversink Caddis Yellow, Yellow Stimulators, Little Yellow Stones, etc along with Light Cahills and Sulphurs have all been good. Parachute Adams is an excellent all around dry.
Try some terrestrial patterns also. Ants can be nearly impossible to see, but if you fish them as a dropper below a Yellow Sally you can do very well. The Green Weenie and Barbie Bugs make great dropper flies also. Beetles are good on top water.

We were told about a rumor which is apparently going around that Lynn Camp Prong will be open to fishing in 2 weeks. I spoke with Steve Moore of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and he says this is entirely FALSE. The Fisheries crew and local volunteers will be up there next week shocking and surveying the streams to check how the brook trout restoration is progressing. Steve says that after that is done and they take some time to go over all the data collected then they will make some kind of decision about Lynn Camp. So....If you hear rumors about Lynn Camp that is all it is. I told Steve...rumor travels faster than email. When the final decision is made there will be much more than rumor. Expect newspaper and tv coverage. Or atleast a mention on our little fishing report.

Byron and Paula have been out chasing smallmouth on the lakes. I saw a picture on Facebook of Paula with a nice smally. Hopefully the storms cooperate for them today.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
June 12, 2013

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