Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and scorching hot already.  Townsend is quiet this morning.  I left home early this so I could stop and talk to another business person in town.  He was not there.  It’s Monday.  He worked all weekend just like most of us do. 

Little River is warm.  The water temperature is 70 degrees in town.  Flow is about normal though, 159 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date based on 45 years of data is 164 cfs.  We have a chance for rain every day this week.  I hope we get some.  Cooler air would be nice too.  The high today and tomorrow is supposed to be 93 degrees.

Fishing should be OK in the mid elevation streams and good in the high creeks.  I would be on the stream at daybreak, take a nap during mid-day then start fishing again in the afternoon.  A couple of hours before dark and up until dark would be my preferred time to fish.  You will see more hatches, it will be cooler and there will be less people in the woods.

I would use light tippets, smaller flies and certainly stay hidden.  Wear clothing that blends in with the forest.  The trout are going to be spooky.  You can catch them but not if they see you first.  Try Yellow Sally Stonefly patterns, terrestrials or a small Yellow Elk Hair Caddis.  Don’t forget your Green Weenies.  Steve Yates has a great Green Weenie pattern you will see in the Little River Journal which will be sent to you today.

I got a lot more supportive e-mail about the words I wrote yesterday concerning light pollution. I got even more e-mail about my blurb on signs in Townsend in Saturday's report. You can read those reports by clicking in the "Fishing Report Archive" to the left and below.

We have a fairly new lighting ordinance in Townsend, written to keep lights from shining into the sky.  Our view here of stars at night is really amazing.  People comment on it often.  As signs are replaced lights will not be allowed to shine up, only down.  Other lighting such as street lights and parking lot lights must comply.  The difference between a large city view of the sky at night and ours is amazing.  We probably take it for granted.  People who visit from the cities don’t.

I’m itch’n to do some bream fishing with a popping bug.  I bet the action is getting hot and heavy on Tellico Lake.  We can be at the upper end of the lake in 35 minutes.  But the bluegill and shellcracker fishing is better on the lower end.  We can probably be on the water there in an hour.  I have lots of foam poppers that I made last year. I probably won’t need to make any this year.

Right now I am tying Puglisi Threadfin Shad patterns at night.  They work great on the lakes for trout, bass, bluegill and carp.  You will see some pictures of some carp I caught last week in the Little River Journal when you get it today.  You will also see some photos of some nice smallmouth bass Jack and I caught within the past month.  Those carp could not resist the Puglisi pattern.  Heck, I share that story with you now.  The story is called “The Leavin’s Rod”.  CLICK HERE.

I better order some Puglisi EP fibers.  I’ve got a feeling we’ll be selling a bunch after this newsletter goes out.  The nice thing about EP Fibers is they hold their 3 dimensional shape in the water.  Each fiber supports the fibers next to it.  You actually sculpt a minnow with your scisssors and it looks real to the fish.  If you look at one of these from the rear which is often the fish’s view it resembles a fleeing baitfish in 3D with a thin body in the rear and a thicker belly and head.  Trout in the tailwaters love them.  Stripers love them.  Smallmouth Bass can’t resist them.  The Threadfin Shad is a important forage fish in our southern lakes and rivers.  That’s why these flies work so well. 

Whew!  I’m wanting to go fishing in the worst way.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 14, 2010

Little River Outfitters will be hosting a book signing with Ron Ellis on Saturday June 26, from 1 to 3pm. He will be signing copies of the new book "In That Sweet Country, Uncollected Writings of Harry Middleton".

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