Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. It is going to be another hot, dry day here in Townsend. Looking at the weather report for yesterday in the Smokies, Mt. LeConte reported 1.16" and Newfound Gap 0.98". This will mean more water in the Little Pigeon watersheds. Rainfall like this goes to show you that even though there is no rain predicted the mountains create their own weather and you always have to be ready.

Despite lower than normal water levels we are still hearing good fishing reports. Water temps are warming so head out very early or fish the late evening. If you are wanting to have an all day adventure try on of the smaller, high elevation streams. These streams will have cooler water temps and more consistent fishing throughout the day.

Yellow is still the hot color in the mountains. I have been seeing yellow mayflies and stoneflies on the windows here at the Shop. Sizes have been in the #14 - #16 size range for the stoneflies and #16 - #18 for the mayflies.

Due to the lower water levels you might be best off switching to a 6X tippet. Concentrate on fishing the rough, broken pocket water. This type of water has more oxygen for the trout and offers more cover for you.

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday. This will be the first Father's Day that I get to celebrate from the receiving side of things. We always see an increase in Gift Certificate sales right before a holiday. Gift Certificates make great gifts because flies are more fun than ties. If you haven't gotten your father or father-in-law anything yet there is still time.....we can even email a Gift Card by calling or ordering Online!

Well customers are already waiting outside, we better get the doors open. Byron is at home today painting his boat with some slip-resistant paint. He'll be back tomorrow to write the report. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
June 18, 2010

Little River Outfitters will be hosting a book signing with Ron Ellis on Saturday June 26, from 1 to 3pm. He will be signing copies of the new book "In That Sweet Country, Uncollected Writings of Harry Middleton".

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