Townsend, Tennessee
June 19, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. The sun is shining and it is already warm this morning. They say the high temperature today and tomorrow will reach the 90’s. Though there was only a 30% chance for rain yesterday a large storm blew through in the afternoon dropping 1/4” of rain. But Little River looks great today. I was at the bridge taking the water temperature a few minutes ago. There were two guys on the big rocks throwing spinners and two more wading above the riffle upstream. The fellow I talked to had not caught anything yet.

There is plenty of flow, much more than normal. The streams will gradually drop today. Fishing should be good. The larger rivers will be tougher to wade today. You might have to pick your spots. During the day when the sun is bright I would use nymphs or fish the shaded areas with dry flies. Terrestrials would be a good choice for dries and and nymphs. I would certainly use a Green Weenie. In the evenings I would use a Yellow Sally imitation of some kind. There are many to choose from. I’d probably pick a Neversink Caddis or #16 Yellow Stimulator.

I took my other iMac for a ride yesterday to Knoxville to have a new hard drive installed. Fort Loudon Lake was muddy. I bet most of them are. We just keep getting rain but I’m not complaining.

Business is slow in Townsend. Our small businesses here are having a hard time. The heart of our community’s prosperity is small business and leisure travel. When leisure travel is slow, so is business.

I called the Lowe Boat Company yesterday. They are a great little company owned by boating giant Brunswick. I needed the width of the boat trailer that we ordered with our new boat. Those people at Lowe are so friendly and helpful. Their business is very slow too. One of the people I talked to said “It’s not as fun around here as it was two years ago”.

Yesterday I stopped by Anderson Rental and talked to Arthur. They provided the tents for Troutfest and other big events in Townsend. I asked him to have his tent crew stop by the shop and drill three holes in our parking lot. Then I went to Tractor Supply. Lucky for me the guy I talked to lived in Florida and had his boat stolen. That was not so lucky for him. But when I said, “I’m getting a new boat, I’m keeping it at our store and I want to do everything possible to keep it from being stolen”, he had all the answers.

The three holes I talked about in the asphalt would be used to mount anchors in concrete. From each of those would be logging chain that has to be cut with a power cutter, not your regular hand held bolt cutters. One chain would be locked to the axle, one to the stern of the boat and the third to the tongue of the trailer. Then I would need a motor lock. I found that online. They make special locks for trailer couplers so you can’t hook up without a key. Then I would need a receiver lock for the trailer hitch. I would store the spare tire inside my truck and carry the batteries into the store for storage.

Can you believe I have to go to that expense and trouble? I’m not worried about anyone living here. People who live in this valley would not steal a boat. But there are people passing through who would. Anyway, if this boat gets stolen it is going to require a lot of work and planning.

I answered a survey along with 25 other people. The survey is part of a planning process for our valley. One of the questions was “What are our most valuable assets”. The word “People” was not part of the question. You would think that Great Smoky Mountains National Park would have been the #1 answer. It was not. The Park was #2. The #1 answer was Little River. The two were close and I can’t remember which one I listed first but Little River got the most votes. And what an asset it is. I throw a thermometer in it every morning and look at it. Sometimes I walk out on the swinging bridge and just stare. Sometimes I go fishing in the river.

In this valley, all of our lives are influenced by this one small river. I think it is the most beautiful river I have ever seen and I have seen many. We are lucky to have it here. Of course the National Park is close to our hearts and lives. We all love the Park almost as much as we love the river. But most people put the river first. I thought that was very interesting.

And, here is something else that I found interesting when I moved here. You don’t call it The Little River. You call it Little River. It’s the same with the Park. It is not referred to as The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. People don’t use the “The”. People don’t call the oldest National Park “The Yellowstone”. They call it “Yellowstone”. Same thing.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 19, 2009

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