Townsend, Tennessee
June 22, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and 72 degrees in Townsend this morning.  Little River is high and muddy in town.  Though our chance for thunderstorms yesterday and today is between 40% and 50% depending on which website you check, it is obvious what storms do occur have hit us head on.  Since yesterday morning we have had 1.5” of rain at the shop.  Little River’s flow is 3.06 feet on the gauge or 699 cubic feet per second.  It is still going up and more thunderstorms appear to be on the way.  Another one, just like yesterday morning arrived at 6:00 am. 

Some of the mountains are obscured by fog from my view right now.  The ones I see are green and lush.

Jack Gregory was here at a little after 8:00 am.  He and Bill Boyd are going fishing.  Jack likes high turbid water.  It gives him and advantage over the trout.  They will find some spots where they don’t have to wade and probably have a great day of fishing.  They will be using large nymphs and streamers.  That is what I would suggest you do if you go fishing today.  Or, maybe find a small stream that is clear and try dry flies, terrestrials and Green Weenies.

If you go fishing today in the Smokies be careful.  Stay close to the bank or on the bank.  When the water is stained you don’t have to make long casts.  You don’t need a back cast.  Just roll cast or side arm your fly into an eddy and be ready.  If you get one of those big browns on, good luck on getting them in.  You won’t be able to jump in the water and chase them down stream.  It’s too dangerous. 

It is tough being in a business that is so dependent on weather.  Though part of our business comes from States far away through our mail order service, the bulk of our business is from people who live near here, travel here to fish or buy using the mail order service from a few states near us.  We track our customers sales and look at where they live even if they are in the shop. 

Most of our business comes from Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida and Alabama.  For the last couple of years we have been getting more orders from Mississippi and Louisiana.  So, this small region often has the same weather conditions.  For the past two years we have all shared the drought.  Now we are sharing a lot of water.  Right now the Northeast United States is active and we are getting quite a few orders from there.  It is earlier in the Spring in New York and Pennsylvania than it is here.  It has been prime time for trout in that part of the country.

I’m looking out the window now and there is a path of fog following Little River from the Park through town. 

The Abrams Falls trail is closed because of a problem bear according to the Maryville/Alcoa Daily Times.

This bear has not hurt anyone but he must be getting too close to people.  People see bears in Cades Cove all the time.  But anyway, don’t plan on fishing Abrams Creek until this guy is caught.

It is still raining.  The water in our streams will rise further.  Then we’ll have a few dry days.

UPDATE 3:30 PM - Little River is currently flowing at 816 cubic feet per second. The highest recorded flow on this date in 44 years was 675 cfs in 1989. Little Pigeon in Sevierville has a discharge rate of 1,060 cfs. The record there for this date was also in 1989 at 611 cfs. And a large thunderstorm has arrived here right now.

Thanks for being here and have a great day.

Byron Begley
June 22, 2009


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