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THE Little River Chapter of TU MEETING ON THURSDAY THE 24TH IS CANCELED. River Johns had us scheduled for the 22nd instead of the 24th. He rented the pavilion on the 24th to another group so we do not have a place to meet. Therefore the meeting is canceled. We are going to send an e-mail blast this evening to the membership but if you happen to see a fellow member, let them know.
Rufus "

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is good to be back.  You don’t know how good it is to be back.  I’ve been in the hospital since Sunday.  Paula brought me to work today.  I won’t be staying long.  I just need to get part of my life back.  Coming to work helps me get part of my life back.       

Boy, you guys have had some hot dry weather.  And the creeks are low.  Daniel is taking the water temperature this morning so I have not seen Little River.  Looking at the chart is enough.  I can tell fishing has been pretty tough.  Daniel just came in and we caught up a little.  What a great guy.  He covered for the old man well.  I wouldn’t expect any less. 

He said the fishing has been OK.  There is more water on the North Carolina side, especially Oconaluftee.  You might consider a run to that area.  Maybe try the catch-and-release section at Cherokee. 

If I were going fishing I would go early and late.  I would fish the riffles where the oxygen is greater and the trout will be congregated.  Little yellow dry flies of any type should work.  You might want to use nymphs. 

I bet a lot of anglers are fishing the tailwaters.  The water temperature is cool and the trout are active.  Daniel said his favorite pond is fishing well.  Ponds are fun to fish with a fly rod.

My first fish caught on a fly was in a pond.  The event occurred on my 11th birthday in 1962.  My gift that year was a really nice Shakespear Wonderod.  It was a 8’ 5 weight.  The reel still sits close to my fly tying desk.  It is a Medalist.  I also received a fly tying kit that day.  I tied a streamer of my own design, walked down to a pond on our farm and started casting.  My first catch was a nice bass.  From what I remember about this fish, he probably weighed about a pound and a half. 

I couldn’t believe it.  I made a cast and gave the fly a couple of strips.  The bass grabbed my fly, we connected well and I had to figure out what to do.  With no instruction available and experience derived only from Field & Stream or Outdoor Life magazine I somehow landed this poor dumb fish.  I released the bass as I pretty much always have.

I found out at an early age how my personal interest in fly fishing probably had more to do with manufacturing my own lures or flies.  I think I still consider fly tying and designing to be my driving force in this sport.  I like dreaming something up, making a few and catching fish on them.  I also like tying a good pattern that can’t be bought on the market and sharing it with someone else, then listen to their stories about how it worked or how it didn’t.  It was that way when I was eleven years old, it’s that way at 59 years old.

I want to thank all of my friends who have contacted me directly or through my friends and family during this trying week.  I have not opened my e-mail yet, I’ll do it when I go home in a few minutes.  I’m looking forward to that.  If all goes well I’ll be fishing again in a few weeks.  Until then, I’ve got a great new shad pattern I’ll be working on. 

Have a great day and thank you for your prayers.  They worked.  Thanks to Paula for taking such good care of me and sleeping in that chair all those nights. 

Byron Begley
June 24, 2010

Little River Outfitters will be hosting a book signing with Ron Ellis on Saturday June 26, from 1 to 3pm. He will be signing copies of the new book "In That Sweet Country, Uncollected Writings of Harry Middleton".

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