Townsend, Tennessee
June 27, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny, warm and muggy this morning in Townsend.  I can tell this is going to be a busy weekend in the tourism business.  There are a lot of visitors in town.  There are a lot of folks riding bicycles too.  There are many like me who cruise around on the bike path and the back streets.  Then there are those serious cyclists wearing those tight pants and bright colored skin tight shirts.  I only look at the girls in those outfits.  And I wouldn’t be caught dead in one. 

I stopped at Little River to take the temperature.  It warmed up a little from yesterday and the flow is perfect.  Since we are almost 3” above normal in rainfall the river is dropping slowly since our last downpour.  And the river is still flowing above normal.  Normal this time of year is low.  Today there is plenty of water.

The sun will be shining most of the day.  There is a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow.  Fishing will be best early and late.  I would fish the higher elevation streams, higher up on the Middle Prong, Elkmont, Walker Camp Prong near the Chimneys, around Alum Cave Creek and the tributaries.  This would be a good day to hike up Fish Camp Prong.  Elkmont Campground is full tonight.  You are going to see a lot of people.  I would not bother with the East Prong of the Little River from Elkmont downstream.  You are going to encounter the “Tube Regatta” in huge numbers.

I would use terrestrials like small foam beetles, small Chernoble Ants, ant patterns, Yellow Parachute Adams, any Yellow Sally Stonefly patterns or an Elk Hair Caddis for a dry fly.  Below that I would drop a Green Weenie.  In the evenings I would use a #16 Yellow Sally pattern.  You are going to be fishing some beautiful water.  The streams are nothing like they were last year or the year before.  What we have today is what we longed for over the past two years.

I’m working on the Little River Journal.  Yesterday I opened Lefty Kreh’s article.  It is a story about the Green Weenie.  In the article he mentions something that happened here at our shop.  A few years ago I picked Lefty up at the airport and brought him to the shop.  Brian Courtney was here tying Green Weenies.  He and Lefty started talking about the fly and they both think it is one of the best trout flies ever invented.  After Lefty worked here over the weekend and flew home he called and ordered a lot of different colors of Micro-Chenille to tie Green Weenies in several other colors.  It is an interesting article.  To subscribe to the Journal and receive your e-mail July issue just sign up in the box below.

I got an e-mail from Warren Cornelius yesterday.  He was reminding me that we have surpassed ½ million visitors to the website this year so far.  I’ve been watching it.  My goal this year is 1.25 million visitors.  Last year we almost hit 1 million.  We were only about 6,000 off.  You are only counted once during a 24 hour period no matter how many times you visit the site. 

I wonder how many different people visit in a year.  We have no way of knowing.  The fishing report will have over 100,000 visitors for the first 6 months by tomorrow afternoon which is good for mid-year.  According to everyone I talk to who would know, this is a very active website, probably one of the most visited sites in our County from what I can tell.

A 20 foot jon boat was hit by a barge in Watts Bar Lake early yesterday.  One of the three fishermen drowned.  His body was recovered by divers yesterday afternoon. I grew up boating on a river shared by barges and I’ve had some close calls.  It takes a while to stop a barge.  I hate to hear about a fisherman drowning or anyone drowning for that matter.

A hiker on the Appalachian Trail was bitten by a copperhead near Greenville, Tennessee.  He is in fair condition at the Johnson City Medical Center. 

Hopefully we won’t have any more tuber rescues this weekend.  The water is finally low enough that it might be safe.  But accidents can still happen, wear a life jacket and that will save your life on a boat, kayak, canoe or tube.  I wore a life jacket while fishing out of a canoe this week.  I always do.  Why take a chance.  I keep two in my truck and I am ordering a XXL this week to have for a friend of mine.  They are cheap and they work.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 27, 2009

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