Townsend, Tennessee
June 28, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is 71 degrees already.  It is going to be a hot one today.  Then it is going to start cooling off.  This week the temperatures will be 10 degrees cooler than they are now, day and night.  Tourism is in full swing.  I don’t know if we have as many visitors as normal but there seems to be a lot of people in town and in the Park.  Many of them may be local.  Tubers, flip flops and shuttle buses are everywhere in our “all natural water park”.  I hope Little River is the only water park we ever have. 

Yesterday there were three motorcycle crashes on Calderwood Highway, which is also known as “The Dragon”.  One person died.  That is a dangerous place to be.  I stay away from there which rules out Calderwood Lake for me.       

The river still looks good though we have not had rain in a few days.  The flow is still above normal.  It’s warming up though.  The Park is fishing fine but I would seek higher ground where the water is cooler.  It may rain today, we have a 50% chance. I would fish early and late, especially in the evenings.  The water will cool down in the lower elevations during the week.  Fishing should be good even down here.

Terrestrials of the foam floating type, sinking ants and Green Weenies would be good fly choices.  In the evenings I would use any Yellow Sally pattern.  I like the Neversink Caddis and Yellow Stimulator in size #16.

The lakes are fishing extremely well using poppers and top water flies. Try wooly buggers too.  Better get there early or late.  When the sun gets on the water the fish go deeper or quit biting.  I’m not sure which since I only fish on top.  Boat traffic and jet skis will be heavy during the day anyway.  Find a quiet shady cove and take a nap during the day.

I am working on the July Issue of the Little River Journal.  But yesterday I took some time to re-think the way we do business.  I am trying to re-invent our business to be prosperous in the future.  I owe it to Paula, Daniel, Me and everyone who works here, supplies us and our customers.  We are going to be living in a different world, not a worse world, just different.  The Little River Outfitters of the world to the Walmarts of the world are going to be different or die. 

All week the Wall Street Journal has been reporting that retailers will be stocking less inventory choices.  We won’t be stocking less inventory at dollar value but we will only stock what sells well.  I’m not just talking about our store I’m talking about all stores.  When we offer less choices our manufacturers will offer less choices.  Choice is driven by the retailer not the manufacturer and the customer may notice but they will adjust. 

I bet automobile companies in the future will offer less choices.  Maybe the automobile you buy next year will only come in four colors.  There may only be two versions, “stripped down” and  “loaded to the hilt”.  I noticed Honda Element offers less choices already.  Smart thinking on their part.

Thomas Friedman wrote an interesting column in this morning’s New York Times. He always does and I always read them.

Yesterday I concentrated on our marketing effort.  Remember those full color post cards you used to get.  They cost $20,000 per year.  I cut them out 7 months ago. Now I’m thinking about doing it again but different.  Maybe they will just go to the local market not all over the country.  I don’t know.  But I’m going to change something.  Our market is going to be different and marketing should be new and re-invented.  Maybe it’s time to re-invent our website.  After all the current design is almost 6 months old.  Last year we had 994,000 visitors.  So far this year we have had 510,000 visitors.

Remember, Lefty Kreh Weekend, Joe Humphreys Weekend and Fly Tyers Weekend?  Those events cost $13,000.  I cut them out two years ago.  It was not only because of the cost but we had too many customers in the shop at one time and we did not give good service.  Spending hard earned money to give bad service does not make sense to me.   

I’m sure I’ll come up with something new and different. I enjoy doing that.  It may not work better but at least I will try.  I bet it does work better.  I know it will work better.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 28, 2009 


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