Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report. Another nice morning here in Townsend. The sun is bright and the air is cool. Road construction is back on 321 between Walland and Townsend. Last night it looked like they were spraying concrete on the hillside they stabilized with the chain link. This morning they were repaving the road through that section. The stop lights are not back just the guys with the stop/slow signs. I take that to mean no more major construction.

Big rain last night. Water levels are down to 1.36 feet or 53 c.f.s. Water temps are still good though. They were down to 65.8F this morning on the gauge.

Looking at the weather forecast this morning I noticed they have lowered the high temperatures for the weekend. It is still going to be hot. If you are headed out fishing this weekend I would chose a destination in the higher elevations. Bring pleanty of water too.

Terrestrial patterns have been working well. Beetles and ants are great. Yellow sallies in #16 will be god in the evenings. Concentrate on that fast water. Short casts and almost no line on the water will help you to get a better drift.

During the warmer months it is important to fight the trout quick and get them released back into the stream in a short time. In the warm water they get more stressed.

That Wapsi box is still in the corner ... I guess I can't put it off much longer. I better go dig in. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
June 28, 2012

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