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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is a little cooler this morning and by tomorrow it’s going to be downright cold.  Well, 61 degrees will seem cold compared to what we are used to lately.  It is going to be cooler during the day too for a while.  I am so ready for this.  All we need now is some rain. 

We got a little last night.  Clay Aalders told Daniel this morning that the water is flowing higher over at Greenbrier.  Little River is still low.  The flow right now is 74 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 102. 

You know what to do.  Fish early and late.  Fish in the higher elevation streams.  Find shady streams and hit the pockets in the riffles.  Use light tippet and yellow flies.  Terrestrials will work too.  Try Green Weenies.

I am recovering from surgery and working for a little while every day since I got out of the hospital.  Coming to work every day is my routine.  If I’m not going fishing I’m coming to work.  I love work.  The problem is right now, I get tired quickly and go home.

Yesterday I did that and spent much of the day looking at one of my favorite places, Port St. Joe, Florida.  My goal is to rent a house down there for a couple of months each year during my golden years.  I found a house on the bay with a boat dock.  It is on the weekly rental program.  It’s perfect.  I’m just dreaming.  That won’t happen for a while.

I would like for Paula and I to go fishing every day in the bay, I could work and that’s how I want to spend my life, 10 months a year here, 2 months down there.  I can’t help but worry about how this oil spill will affect Port St. Joe.  I worry about what it will do to all the coastal areas in the Gulf.  What I’ve seen and read so far is troublesome. 

I guess everyone is doing all they can right now.  The relief wells and the plan to pack mud in the faulty well sounds like a logical fix.  The problem is it is going to take some time, maybe a month, maybe more. 

Port St. Joe is a small town, actually a paper manufacturing town at one time.  It is built on a large bay which has no rivers emptying into it.  The water is usually clear.  The fishing can be great or slow just like anywhere else.  The town has not developed like other areas in Florida.  One reason is the paper plant.  For years the smell kept tourists away.  But finally, the St. Joe Company shut it down.  I remember the unemployment problems there after the shutdown.  I guess tourism took up the slack.  Without the foul smell, the people came. 

Out toward the ocean is a long spit of land called Cape San Blas.  At the end of the peninsula is a large state park.  This tract of land is narrow but miles long.  On one side is the Gulf of Mexico and on the other is the bay.  The bay side is more friendly to small boats and kayaks though I’ve seen that water “Get up and Roar” when the wind is strong.  You have to pick your days in small skiffs. 

I’ll keep dreaming about this as I have for a long time.  It gives me something to work for.  It is also an excuse to buy another boat.  I guess ours would be fine on some days.  A bigger one would be better or should I say, safer.

This fishing report will be late tomorrow.  Daniel will be off and I have a doctors appointment early. 

Have a great day and thanks for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 29, 2010 

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