Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Townsend is fairly active.  I came to work earlier than usual so traffic was not bad at all.  It’s kind of cool right now but get ready for the heat.  We’ll have highs in the low 90’s for a few days.  It will be cooler at night than it was a week ago.  Yesterday I was looking at the weather forecast for Port St. Joe, Florida.  It’s cooler down there during the day.  But it is hot at night.  I stay away from Florida this time of year for that reason.

Little River is extremely low.  It is flowing at less than half of normal.  Flow this morning is 57 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 130 cfs.  July is our wettest month.  Much of that moisture comes from the Gulf of Mexico in the form of tropical storms and hurricanes.  I’d rather be dry here than have those storms down there right now.

Fishing is not going to be what you are used to, even during a normal summer.  You are going to find low streams everywhere you go.  In the higher elevations the water will be cool.  Mid-elevation backcountry streams with heavy canopy will be a nice place to fish.  But, if you are a angler who fishes along the roads on the bigger rivers you are going to experience shallow water, tough trout, tubers and swimmers.  So, either get away from the people and catch a few fish or try one of our tailwaters, which are fishing well.  The Park is not a pleasant place right now in many places if you are an angler.     

It is 4th of July weekend, a time when we celebrate our independence from England.  I saw a poll on CNN yesterday.  20% of Americans don’t know we went to war with England and won to gain our independence.  One out of five don’t know that?  Some people think we fought China. We had to fight for our freedom.  We would gladly do it again if we had to.  Maybe we are doing just that right now in Afghanistan. Our military is fighting there for our freedom.  They need our continued support.  To me, Independence Day is also about our continued fight for freedom.  What if we decided in the 1940’s to not kick Germany’s butt?  Where would we be now.  If we hadn’t kicked Japan’s butt where would we be?  I shutter to think.  I’d rather kick some butt than take my chances.  I hope most good Americans would agree. 

If you have sent e-mail to me and I have not answered, I’m sorry.  I’ve been out of the hospital a little over a week.  I come to work at 8:15 and go home around noon.  I’m behind on many fronts including answering e-mail.  It’s not that I don’t care.  It’s just something I can’t get done.  I'm sure there are hundreds including spam.

What’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico makes me sick.  I have spent a lot of my volunteer time working on tourism here.  It’s not so much to help our business.  Tourism is part of our business but we are not solely dependent on tourism.  Our town and this valley is.  Like tourists or not, without them there would be a lack of prosperity here.  And that is happening to our South.  When I see the tourism folks interviewed, look at the empty beaches and condos, nobody swimming in the ocean, I feel their pain.  Time is of the essence.  These people can’t wait long for relief.  BP needs to shell out some cash right now.  Those tourism businesses don’t need red tape, they need green backs.  This is the busiest time of year for them.  Timing is awful.  I feel bad for all of them.

We will have our 4th of July fireworks show in Townsend.  We have not missed a year. Most of the towns in our county have decided not to have a show, it was the same last year.  Budgets have no room for a 4th of July celebration.  Not true here.  Last year there was some talk about doing away with our fireworks.  I offered to donate money so the show would continue.  I wasn’t the only person to offer, there must have been hundreds.  Anyway, I was told they didn’t need money from us, all the costs had been covered already.  People actually offered to give more money than was needed.  The city turned most people down.  That says a lot about our community.  We may be going through tough times, maybe business is not as good as many would like but there ain’t no way we’re not going to have our 4th of July, Indendence Day celebration without fireworks.  Of course, people who live in other communities will be here to see ours.  That’s good.

Have a great 4th of July weekend.  Thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 3, 2010

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