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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is overcast, foggy and 68 degrees this morning in Townsend, Tennessee.  I am at home.  I’m off today because I need to be at the store tomorrow.  Normally, Thursday is my day off.  I did drive to the shop to check the rain gauge.  We had .70” of rain in it.  It poured last night about 5:30 pm then we had more rain sometime early this morning.  The storm fell apart before it entered the Smokies. 

The motel parking lots were packed this morning.  We have a lot of visitors in our town.  The fireworks signs and infrastructure are set up near the Highland Manor.  We still have a fireworks display in Townsend on Independence Day.  Some of the towns around us stopped that a few years ago due to funding problems.  So, a lot of folks from our County come to Townsend on the 4th.  They will be here this evening.  Folding lawn chairs will line the main road through town.  There will be people everywhere.  Our fireworks display is a very popular annual event. 

Fishing in the Smokies has been pretty good.  Fishing is better in the higher elevations.  The East Prong above Elkmont has been popular lately.  The Middle Prong of Little River above the Institute has been fishing well too.  Fishing is better early and late.  Right now would be a good time to be there.  Dry flies and nymphs are working.  The trout are in the moving water or near it seeking cover from predators. 

Little River is low and flowing slow.  Right now the flow is 53 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 114 cfs.  The rain last night did not help the situation much because the upper watershed did not get much.  Other streams in the Park may be running higher.  These scattered thunderstorms we are getting are small but strong. 

I would not hold out much hope for the lake fishing today.  We have a lot of lakes around here.  We also have a lot of avid boaters and anglers.  East Tennessee, especially in our area is a very large boating region.  Not only are there plenty of boat enthusiasts, there are also boat manufacturing companies located here, lots of them.  Sea Ray and Mastercraft are only two of several companies calling Blount County their home. 

Allison Boats are located in Louisville in our County.  Bayliner is located in Dandridge nearby.  Bullet Boats are made in Knoxville.  Malibu is located in Loudon.  Norris Craft is headquartered in Lafollette.  Stokers are made in Maryville. There are other smaller companies building boats here. 

Components used to make marine vessels are also made here by several companies.  One of our customers owns a company that sews custom upholstery and covers for small and very large boats.  I have heard that more balsa wood is sold here than anywhere in the U.S.  I can’t confirm that.  I guess balsa is used as floatation. 

New hull designs and boats are tested on the same lakes that I fish on.  I’ve seen companies doing just that.

I remember when Dusty McCoy was the CEO at Sea Ray.  I talked to him a couple of times in our store.  Now, he is the CEO of Brunswick Corporation, the largest boat manufacturer in the world.  Brunswick also makes bowling, billiard and fitness equipment.  They own Mercury Marine too.  Dusty runs the whole thing.  Paula and I have a Lowe boat and a Mercury Outboard. Both are made by Brunswick. 

Talking about this kind of makes me want to go boating today.  No way.  I’m going to tie flies and clean up the fishing room.

Have a great Independence Day.  Thank you for being here with us.

Wow! I just heard a loud noise, something like a tree hitting the house. I walked out of the fishing room and looked down the stairs. Through a window I could see a bear and her cub. Evidently she was trying to get through the window and into the house. Dubbing, our cat was watching with particular interest. His tail was puffed up. I grabbed a point and shoot camera and walked out onto the front porch. The bear heard me come out the door. She and the cub ambled into the woods. I did get a picture of her. My cable to connect the camera to a computer is at the office.

If you want a little excitment in your life, try sitting at your computer writing a fishing report while two bears are trying to break into your home. I'm used to bears. I've got to admit though, right now I'm a little shaken. If these animals really wanted to get in here they could do it easily. This bear was not big by any means. But, I would not want her in here with me. I am going to place a few loaded firearms within easy reach while I relax on my day off. Have a great day! I'll try.

Byron Begley
July 4, 2012

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