Townsend, Tennessee
July 8, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and a cool 66 degrees this morning.  Townsend has very few visitors because it is a week after a holiday.  That is usual.  We have a slight chance for thunderstorms today and tomorrow with cloud cover both days.  That is good for fishing.  Little River’s level has dropped to about normal for this time of year.  This morning it was a little below normal.  The water temperature in town is 66 degrees, up 2 degrees from yesterday morning.  The water is clear and the river looks wonderful. 

Fishing has been good.  The cloud cover will help the fishing improve.  We have a full moon and many anglers believe a full moon on a clear night allows any fish to feed more after dark, thus making fishing during the day slow.  I believe that. 

Everything seems to be working.  Attractors, terrestrials, mayfly, caddis and stonefly patterns.  I would still use a terrestrial during the day.  A foam beetle with a Green Weenie dragging behind is what I would rig up with first.

Lakes are fishing well early and late on top.  I don’t know how clear Little River is way downstream but it looked good around Walland yesterday.

I spent most of the day in Maryville yesterday.  I had the parking brake fixed on my truck.  The GM dealership I used to use for service closed so I went to a small radiator shop that has been in business since 1946 to have the work done.  I was there three hours.  Now I am friends with all the people who work there.  The company is called Black’s Radiator Repair.  I highly recommend them.

Here is a bright glimmer for the local economy and the boat industry.  There are several boat manufacturers in our area.  Sea Ray and Mastercraft come to mind.  Other companies in our area support the boat industry.  Mastercraft, located south of Maryville is calling back 175 employees.  Evidently demand for their expensive, well made ski boats has increased according to the Daily Times.  Last year they were producing 21 boats per day.  When money tightened and demand fell they stopped production.  Now they plan to make 5 or 6 boats per day.  Mastercraft’s staff was at around 650 people a year ago.  Here is the acticle in the Times.

Maryville based Ruby Tuesday is reporting good news and earnings.  The company is profitable and sales are up. I saw Ruby Tuesday stock increase over 60% in one day a couple of months ago.  I wish I had bought a bunch of it the day before.  Don’t we all.

I just called Tri-County Marine to see if our new boat is in.  It has not arrived and it is supposed to be on the same truck with another customer’s boat.  They are going to check on the status and call me back. 

Last night I drilled 3, 3” holes in the pavement at the shop to lock this boat down.  Have you ever tried to drill 3” holes in blacktop?  It is not easy.  The drill I rented is big and fast.  You have to hook a water hose to it to keep the bit cool.  When I finally got the nerve to pull the trigger the whole thing took off.  The bit tends to run around the pavement for a while until it starts digging in.  I was wearing Crocs and shuffling to stay out of the way of that run-away drill bit.  I finally got the job done and I was soaked from head to toe and tired. 

I bet I have spent $300 on stuff to lock this boat to the pavement, to the truck and to itself so it won’t get stolen.  I want to keep it at the shop so we can leave to go fishing from here.  The chain I bought yesterday can’t be cut with even the largest bolt cutters.  It was $3 per foot.  I bought 26 feet.  The eye bolts are 12” long and they will be anchored using hydraulic cement.  I have three huge padlocks that all use the same key.  I ordered a motor lock, trailer hitch coupler lock, receiver lock and another lock to secure the coupler when it is not hooked up to the truck.  I will also have a couple of video cameras watching the boat 24 hours a day.  Some small signs will be attached to the boat.  “Smile, your are on Candid Camera.”  All of this has to be done to protect your assets from scum bags. 

We are experiencing a thunderstorm right now.  And I know why. I looked at the radar and there is a fairly large thunderstorm located right over us.  Make that 20% chance 100% chance.  I don’t even know why I looked at the radar.  I can tell by the rain and thunder the storm is overhead. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 8, 2009  

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