Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Relief is on the way tomorrow.  After a high temperature today of about 97 degrees, tomorrow will feel better at 89 degrees.  And there is rain in the forecast for the weekend and next week.  We have one more sweltering day to deal with then things are going to get better.

The rivers are extremely low in the Park.  If the trout don’t get a break soon we may see higher than normal mortality in the lower elevations.  Flow in Little River is currently 46 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 121 cfs.  Last year on this date the flow was right around normal and the water temperature was 66 degrees.  Today it is 72 degrees, in town at 8:15 am.  Oxygenated water is scarce in the lower elevations due to high temperatures and the lack of flow.   

Fishing will be best early and late and in the higher elevations streams where the water is cooler.  It’s going to be tough no matter when and where you go compared to times when we have good water conditions.  The water is low and warm so don’t expect great fishing around here right now.  Some rain and cooler temperatures will help.

Bill said he fished the Holston River this week.  He told me the fishing was not great.  He caught some trout though.  I talked to one of the guides who fishes mainly in the Park.  He said he’s going to start canceling guided trips if the conditions don’t get better.  Like me, he doesn’t want customers and clients to be disappointed.

I’m going to see my surgeon today to get the staples removed and I’ll be asking him a lot of questions about my future, especially the near future and fishing.  I’m anxious to get back out there on the water.  I’ve been tying flies but that doesn’t quite fill my needs to be outdoors.  I’m hoping to start fishing next week.

I’ve been looking at all the news on the Gulf Coast online.  I’ve been checking some houses I’m familiar with to rent on Port St. Joe Bay in Florida.  Hardly any of them have rentals booked for the rest of the year.  Most have none.  I also read yesterday, probably in one of the larger newspaper’s website, that many abandoned and currently functioning oil rigs and wells in the gulf may be leaking oil.  Evidently there are thousands of them.  Maybe they have been leaking for years.  If this is true, it could be that the BP disaster may be a blessing except for those who died in the explosion.  We may learn that we’ve been polluting the ocean all along and we may learn how to fix the problem.  It’s bad though, I feel sorry for those people who live on the coast from Texas to Florida. 

We’re doing well at the shop.  The first week in July was another gangbuster, up right at 17% over last year.  June was about the same, even a little better than that.  I don’t know for sure what’s going on but we’ll take it. 

How about the markets?  Are they coming back?  They seem to be rebounding. 

The Townsend Planning Commission meets tonight.  I’m going to try and be there.  We are hoping to finalize our new sign ordinance.  I have not been doing my homework, I haven’t felt like it.  I need to be there though.  Maybe I can vote on a few things then go home and rest.

I hope you have a great day and will enjoy cooler, wetter weather this weekend.

Byron Begley
July 8, 2010

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