Townsend, Tennessee
July 16, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is warm and wet this morning.  Storms moved through last night dropping over an inch of rain at the shop.  Little River in town looks like chocolate milk.  I drove up the the “Y”.  It appeared most of the high water is coming from the West Prong and Middle Prong of Little River.  But, the water in the East Prong could rise sharply this morning.  Often it is the last to respond to heavy rain down here.  All three prongs were stained but not as muddy as it is here in town.  We are expecting more rain today, tonight and tomorrow.  Then it is going to get very cool.  The forecast for Saturday and Sunday calls for a high of 77 degrees and a low of 57 both days in the valley. 

I read the Fishing Report I wrote yesterday morning and I think I made an error.  I said the carrying capacity or rainbow population in Lynn Camp Prong was 3,000 fish per mile.  I believe it is actually 2,000 fish per mile.  I’ll check on that with Steve Moore.  Sorry if I misled you. 

Fishing is going to be tough today.  If you go I recommend using big streamers.  I would probably use a black Wooly Bugger and 2X or 3X tippet.  This will be an excellent day to catch a big brown. 

The river is still rising and the flow gauge reports the cubic feet per second discharge increased from 214 cfs to 240 cfs since I looked thirty minutes ago.  If we do get more rain the streams are going to be very high and wading will be difficult and maybe dangerous.  Be careful.  Just stand on the bank and chunk big flies.  The trout won’t see you anyway so you can fish close.  If we don’t get more rain the water should be clear late today or tomorrow.  In 2007 the flow today was 33 cfs which was a record low.   

This weekend is going to feel like Fall.  The water temperature will drop and in the higher elevations it will be very chilly according to The Weather Channel website.  It’s hard to believe July is half over and so far water conditions have been normal or better than normal for anglers.  Fishing has been excellent this month.

How about those stock markets?  Bank earnings and now Intel and the other tech companies are giving us hope that the economy is turning.  More banks and other companies will be releasing their second quarter earnings over the next two weeks. I hope we see 9000 in the Dow soon.  That would make us all feel better.

I started opening my investment statements again a couple of months ago.  For a while I just tossed them in a box, un-opened.  Portfolios are rising fast unless you were smart enough to get out of equities at the high point and moved to cash.  I was not that smart.  I’m going to do that as soon as the Dow reaches 15,000. 

I have a little box on my computer monitor that shows almost real time numbers on stocks I like to watch.  I tend to be interested in the outdoors sporting goods business.  I watch Cabelas, Gander Mountain, Columbia, Dicks, Brunswick and a few others.  Yesterday boat manufacturer Brunswick’s stock was up 10%.  The CEO, Dusty McCoy used to be a customer here when he ran the Sea Ray boat company. 

They own 41 boat, motor and boat accessory companies in addition to the bowling, billiards and fitness divisions.  I always liked Dusty.  He has his hands full right now.  I’ve got a feeling he is going to have some good news when they release the 2nd quarter earnings and projections at the end of this month.  You can go to their website to view and listen to his speech and I plan to on July 30th.  Paula and I bought a Brunswick boat and motor. The boat is a Lowe and the motor is a Mercury.  The boat is still not here.  They say it will ship from the factory next Wednesday.  I just looked and Brunswick stock is down 2% right now.

Troutfest 2010 is starting to move forward.  We have had some good news lately.  John Ross was here yesterday.  He is Chair of the Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited.  They are planning to hold the Southeast Region’s annual meeting here that week.  About 60 people will attend.  That will help a lot.  John has a new book about fly fishing in Virginia.  He also wrote the Trout Unlimited 100 Best Trout Streams.  He writes for Sporting Classics magazine.  Yesterday he said he would write a column for that magazine about Troutfest. 

Jim Casada has a new book that is due to be on the shelves this Fall.  I read the draft he sent me a few months ago.  It is about Fly Fishing in the Smokies.  I loved it.  Jim said he would be here for Troutfest next year.  We will sell a lot of those books and the profit will go to the Smokies Fisheries Department. 

I’ve got a feeling Troutfest will be much larger next year if that is possible.  We were overwhelmed with people this year.  The parking guys estimated attendance at 4,500 for the weekend.  Our profit for the event was $36,128 on revenue of just over $60,000.  We are all proud of that.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 16, 2009 

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