Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The fog just burned off and the sun is shining again.  Traffic in town is brisk.  I saw more cars early this morning than usual.  Families are getting in last minute vacations before school starts.  This time of year, many of our visitors are young people with kids.  In a couple of weeks the demographic will change, we’ll start seeing older folks and less people in general.  That’s the way it works here.

Sometime during the evening we got some rain in the mountains and specifically in the Little River watershed.  The river flow bumped up slightly.  Right now the flow is 98 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 117 cfs.  Early this morning the flow actually reached or exceeded normal flow but it has dropped down a little.  We have a chance for rain today and that chance continues through Tuesday. 

It is going to be cloudy from time to time over the next few days.  That will be good for fishing in the Park.  Fishing has been a little tough.  Those who are doing well are either driving or hiking to high elevations streams or standing in the streams at daybreak in the lower rivers.  Joe McGroom fished on Little River yesterday.  He was there at the crack of dawn.  He said fishing was pretty good and he was not at a high elevation.  But, as soon as the tubers started coming by, the trout stopped feeding.  Up high you will find cooler water and less tubers. 

Light colored mayflies, Parachute Adams, Yellow Sally Stoneflies, Green Weenies, ants and beetles are what I would use.  I would probably also use a Yellow Elk Hair Caddis.  That fly looks like a lot of things, it floats well and it is yellow.  I would fish the faster moving water and hit the pockets behind rocks where the flow is broken but the trout can hide there.  I would also concentrate on shaded areas of the streams. 

The Daily Times reported that a 17 year old girl was bitten by a snake at the Townsend “Y” yesterday (READ HERE).  Details are sketchy as you can see in the article.  Evidently she didn’t go to the hospital or the report needs to be updated.  Speculation is, the snake was a copperhead.  Be careful out there.  These hot days cause snakes to be active and in a bad mood. 

Jack Gregory, Rufus King and I are meeting this morning to discuss Troutfest and start planning our committee meetings.  We will begin those meetings in August.  We will lay out a strategy to present to the Steering Committee.  It seems there is a strong desire to notch Troutfest up.  There are 14 of us on the Steering Committee now and we are adding two more talented people.  I suspect we will also seek out more professional people who have the skills to make us grow.   

Jack’s vision is to double the attendance.  My vision is to raise $100,000.  Rufus is the person who keeps us all thinking in a realistic and organized way.  Many committee members have a specific component that they are in charge of.  Some committee members are the owners and managers of National manufacturing companies from the fly fishing industry. 

There may be some new components added and we’ll need more management skills.  But we also need help from a consulting group.  That’s where the professionals will come in.  We enlisted some professionals at Troutfest 2010 and that worked out great.  For instance, we had three professional photographers on the ground and you will see the results of that on our new website when it’s finished and you will see their work in our printed pieces next year. We will have more National Advertising thanks to Orvis.  Orvis is a “National Advertising Machine”, one of the oldest and one of the best.  Fly fishing is the DNA of that company.  It’s great having them as partners. We have other partners who have helped make Troutfest what it is.  And then there are the volunteers, those who give their time for the cause.  Thanks to everyone.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 18, 2010

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