Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. You knew it was going to storm.... Byron hitched the boat up this morning. Storm it did. Paula said that it began raining here in Townsend around 6 this morning and ended about 8. The rain gauge here at the Shop had 2.77 inches of rain in it. When I got up this morning I could here thunder in the distance and the sky was a slate gray. I ran into some sprinkles as I got to Walland. Rounding the corner at Hatchers Cut I could see that the Little River was flowing the color of coffee with extra cream.
I drove up to the Park to check conditions. West Prong of Little River was flowing fast and was stained. Middle Prong was high and fairly muddy. East Prong of Little River was high and fairly muddy. On the way out of the Park I saw a van from one of the tubing companies off-loading tubes and clients. We can only pray that it isn't a busy day for the Blount County Rescue Squad.

At the Swinging Bridge the water temp was 72F. The Little River was tan and had debris in it. At 9am the river flow gauge reading was 2.31' or 319cfs. At 10am the river flow gauge reading was up to 2.67' or 485cfs. The graph is still climbing. It takes several hours before rain that fell in higher elevations makes its way downstream. Be prepared for waters to continue to rise for atleast the next several hours.

As long as some of this rain got the chance to soak in it can be a great help for us as we trudge through the hot, humid days of Summer. Before this morning's storm and after the waters have subsided back to normal fishing was good. Terrestrials and green weenies have been leading the pack of good producers but the Yellow Sallies are still holding on. If you were to venture out today I'd leave the 3wt behind and reach for the 9' 5wt. Big rubber legged nymphs and streamers will be the best bet while the water is up. Stay out of the water though. It will be unwadable very soon. The Little River isn't at flood stage or anywhere close...just too high to safely wade. Working flies or even spinners from the bank in high water can be rewarding.

If you've never checked it out, the USGS streamflow gauge for the Little River at Townsend can be found online. CLICK HERE. The triangles on the first graph are the average flow for that date.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us. Be careful if you go.

Daniel Drake
July 20, 2011

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