Townsend, Tennessee
July 24, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and a little cooler than it was yesterday morning.  The mountains and our valley have been dry for a few days.  It is really showing when you look at Little River.  The flow is low, not like when we were in the drought of 2007 and 2008, but it is low.  Starting Saturday night rain chances increase for a few days. 

I have talked to a few anglers who visit here from other areas and they are reporting slow fishing in the stocked section of Little River through Townsend.  There is a reason for that and those who come here to fish need to know.  Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency curtails stocking during the hot summer months.  The water in this lower portion of the stream is too warm for the trout.  You really need to go up into the Park where the fishing is fine, especially in the higher elevations.

Water is low and your tactics need to be adjusted to those conditions.  Stay hidden and low, use light tippet and fish the riffles or where a riffle enters a pool.  In the riffles try to get your fly to drift in the pocket water, behind rocks and other flow barriers.  They will be in the deeper runs and even in very shallow moving water.  This is a good time to hone your skills. 

Fishing is not going to be great everywhere you go.  The higher elevation streams are fishing well. 

Terrestrials are a good choice.  Trout feed on ants, beetles and inchworms during the summer.  My choice during the day would be a beetle and a Green Weenie dropper.  In the evenings I would use a Light Cahill or Yellow Sally Stonefly in some sort of dry version.  You might want to drop a Bead Head Pheasant Tail nymphs off the dry to move the odds of hookups in your favor.

According to the Maryville/Alcoa Daily Times there have been record low temperatures set in the Park this month.  At Mt. Leconte the low on Wednesday was 33 degrees.

I mentioned earlier this week that I hoped to see the Dow reach 9000 points.  It did yesterday, rising 2% to 9069.  Housing sales are up again, corporate earnings for the 2nd quarter are looking good and most sectors of the markets rallied.  The Dow has gained 38.5% in five months.  The Nasdaq has grown by 56% since March 9th. 

That is what we need right now, some good news.  We have been getting good news from the markets for a while.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see it fall today.   

I was surprised yesterday to find many of our customers don’t follow the markets.  I mentioned the rally to everyone I talked to.  Maybe the people who don’t follow the markets are happier.  It’s too late for me.  Watching the markets is part of my everyday life and it has been for decades.  Reading the Wall Street Journal is part of my daily routine.  Now I do it online.  I don’t read the articles they charge for.  But I used to have the WSJ delivered to my office every day.  That kind of stuff is just interesting to me. The markets just opened and the Dow is down .15%. 

If you look back it is the markets that move up first during an economic recovery.  Unfortunately it is the employment that follows later.  I don’t remember seeing the markets recover this fast before.  A lot of money has been made this year by investors. 

I do remember Black Monday.  I was trading puts and calls at the time and got out in August just before the crash.  It took a couple of months to get out.  I remember fishing in Yellowstone and thinking, “I’m glad to be out of that kind of stock trading”.  I got out in time because I read the Wall Street Journal every day.  Two months later the markets around the world fell.  The Dow dropped around 20% to about 1700 and that is one day we will all remember if we are old enough.  Now the Dow is down .37%.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 24, 2009

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