Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sun is shining right now in Townsend.  Traffic was light at 7:30 am when I came to work.  There were a few people on the bike trail and walking on the sidewalks.  It rained all around us last night but not at the shop.  The mountains got hammered pretty good.  Little River is flowing strong this morning.  Earlier the flow was 1.5 feet higher than yesterday morning.  The water is murky in town.  I was hoping the water temperature had dropped.  It is 76 degrees, the same as yesterday morning. 

Flow is currently 230 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 122 cfs.  That’s a good change.  We have not seen that in a while.  We have a good chance for rain the next three days.  If you can, be on the rivers at daybreak.  I would drive up higher, maybe near Elkmont.  When the sun gets higher I would venture into the backcountry.  If there is color in the water where you are, a streamer or big nymph might be the fly to try.  Once the water clears and it probably has in the higher elevations, switch to a dry fly and drop a Green Weenie off that.  The trout are going to feel more comfortable with a little color in the water.

I’m not sure where the flow is coming from.  It could be from the Middle/West Prongs, the East Prong or all three.  You will see soon enough if you drive into the Park at the Townsend entrance.

Paula and I will be fishing the lakes for the next few days.  We’ll see what that is like.  We’ll launch the boat early and probably be off the lake at noon.  It is still going to be hot with heat indices reaching 100 degrees.  I’m going to be ready for a dip in the lake. 

Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Haslam and his family pulled into our parking lot in a huge bus wrapped with his campaign graphics yesterday.  This was their Townsend whistle stop.  We had a big crowed waiting for him.  I greeted them when they got off the bus.  I have met Bill and his wife Chrissy before and met with them for a couple of hours last year.  Yesterday I got to meet their daughters.

He did what he is good at, walking around and talking to every person in the shop.  Most of the people were local business people and residents of Townsend and Walland.  We had several customers who showed up too.  I asked for a policeman to be here in case we had a traffic problem.  Tony was here and so was Ronnie our Police Chief.  I was out on the street talking to them.  After we felt traffic was going to be under control I invited Ronnie and Tony in.  Bill is the Mayor of Knoxville and was drawn to our policemen.  He asked a lot of questions about their department and jobs.  He is used to talking to police officers. 

Pat Jenkins, our Mayor is an engineer at Hubble in Lenoir City.  He was running late.  We asked Bill to wait for him and he did.  Pat pulled in and the two of them had a good conversation.  My buddy Mike Talley was here.  Mike is running for City Commission in the August election.  He is unopposed.  I serve under Mike on the Planning Commission.  He does a great job.  Paula and I have been close friends with Mike, his parents, brother and sister for 20 years.  We went on vacation with them to Florida once and had a great time. 

Bill thanked me for hosting the event.  He is a big fan of Townsend and said he has been in our store a few times.  He and I talked about his numbers.  He is leading the polls by a good margin.  I think he’ll win the Republican primary, then go on to be our Governor.  We have two former Governors who shop here, Lamar Alexander and Don Sundquist.  Don lives here and Lamar has a home in Walland.  Lamar is our U.S. Senator.  I still call him Governor.  He doesn’t seem to mind. 

This is a fun place to live and work.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.  Today is Paula’s birthday.  I’m doing the cooking tonight after we get the boat ready.

Byron Begley
July 27, 2010

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