Townsend, Tennessee
July 29, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and raining.  We were spared the great deluge.  But it is not over yet.  The airport got 2.77 inches of rain during the past 24 hours.  We got 2.20 inches at the shop.  But surprisingly, Little River is not that high.  There is a lot more flow than usual and it’s still rising but I expected much worse conditions bordering on flooding.  But like I said, it isn’t over yet.

There is more rain in the forecast through Friday night and the chances are high.  If we don’t get a lot more rain the streams may be in great shape for fishing this weekend.  That is what I’m hoping for.  Keep an eye on this report if  you are planning to travel to Townsend this weekend. 

Today’s stained water calls for streamers or large nymphs.  I would fish around Metcalf Bottoms and higher toward Elkmont.  The Middle Prong would be a good choice.  It is overcast, the turbid water makes you less likely to be seen by trout and they should be feeding on terrestrials and nymphs that are being washed downstream.

Be careful!  Thunderstorms could send a wall of water down toward you.  I would stay close to the bank and keep an eye on the river upstream.  You don’t have to wade much to get a fly in front of a trout right now.  And, though the rivers may not be real high right now they may be very high later today.  Water runs downhill and who knows what is happening in the mountains.

I was down at the swinging bridge taking the water temperature this morning.  I heard a vehicle pull up.  Then a guy said “Do you have a license to do that”.  It was Pat Jenkins, our town’s Mayor.  He and I talked for a few minutes standing by the bridge then Ronnie Suttles pulled up.  He is our Police Chief.  As you probably know by reading this report, when the Police Chief comes up to me the conversation immediately switches to fishing.  And it did.  Ronnie is an avid walleye fisherman.  We have some great walleye fishing around here.  And they catch these fish in the 25” to 29” range.

Ronnie left and I commented to Pat about how nice it is living in a small town.  Here was a situation where the Mayor, Police Chief and a merchant are standing around next to a swinging bridge over the most beautiful river in the world and we’re good friends having a good time.  I would compare Townsend to Mayberry but better. 

Lefty Kreh and I exchanged a couple of e-mails yesterday.  I asked him to put Troutfest 2010 dates on his calendar so a conflict would not arise.  Lefty writes a column for the Little River Journal and we talked about that.  He also wanted Paula’s e-mail address.

I told Lefty about the boat we ordered.  It is a Lowe 16’ deep V.  It turns out he has a Lowe too and said I could not have found a better boat.  His is 6” longer and probably wider and has ten more horsepower.  He uses his on Chesapeake Bay.  He told me his boat takes rough water well and so would ours. 

By the way, the boat should be at the dealer now.  I hope we can get it later this week baring any problems like the dealer dropping it off the fork lift.  It has been ordered for two months.  It was supposed to be here a month ago.  I was kidding Jimmy who owns the dealership last week about unloading it with the forklift and he said “Lets not go there”.

Wow, you should see the Smokies right now.  Some light is shining through the clouds, puffs of fog are following Little River through town and the air is clear, you can see every detail.  The sky is full of clouds, some white and some dark gray. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 29, 2009 


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