Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. The fishing report is a bit late today. I was out in the parking lot casting with our Winston sales rep, Randy Hamilton. He had gotten in some samples of the new 2011 Winston rods. They are really nice. Winstons are almost always really nice. They have a new series, the BIIIX which is more powerful than the BIIX but less stiff than the BIIMX. He also had a new rod that looked very promising. It is all graphite instead of having boron in the butt section. It is a "green" rod, a real made in Montana Winston with the exception that it isn't as expensive. It is only $495.

Randy is also our Royal Wulff fly lines rep. He had one of their new Ambush lines strung up on a 9 1/2' 6wt rod. It is a different line to cast, really made for switch rods, but once you figure out how to cast it the lines flies with little effort. It would make a great smallmouth bass line on a nie moderate action rod.

I almost signed on for a fishing report. We got 0.40" of rain here at the Shop yesterday. Water levels on Little River are up from what they have been but they are still at a normal / low level. The three prongs of Little River all had a little color but are mostly clear and will continue to clear as the day continues.

The weather forecast is still calling for 90 degrees and a chance of rain. It seems like that has been the forecast all Summer so far. I am definitely ready for this heat to break and things to cool down.

The little rain we have been getting should definitely help the trout fishing in the Smokies. Higher elevations and cooler water are still going to be your best bets.

I have been hearing very good reports from the Clinch River. People are catching good numbers of trout and some good sized fish. I haven't heard of any monstrous 20+ inchers being caught but pleanty in the 12 - 14 inch range. I'm sure everyone can already guess what most are being taken on...... yup, zebra midges.

No word from the Begley's. Hopefully they were able to get out on the water before the storms rolled through. Byron will be back writing the Report in the morning.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
July 29, 2010

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