Townsend, Tennessee
July 31, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is dark and raining like you would not believe.  A large band of heavy rain is passing over our county and it looks like it will be here for a while.  The rain started about an hour ago.  We’ve had an inch so far.  The forecast calls for rain all day and tonight.  We’ll get a break tomorrow.  Then by next weekend the forecast calls for more rain.

Little River is fairly high right now.  It dropped down some last night and cleared up.  Had we not gotten what we’re gett’n the fishing would have been OK today and tomorrow in some streams.  I don’t know now what to expect but I have an idea.

Some of you are planning to be here to fish this weekend.  You might be OK but I think it would be better to postpone.  Most of the guides around here would agree with me.  I know of a couple of guides who hate to see me write something like this.  They are critical when I tell customers not to come.  Oh well. 

The National Weather Service reports that we have a 90% chance for heavy rain today.  We have a chance for flooding.  We are under a Flood Advisory and Flood Watch.  I didn’t stop to get the water temperature in Little River this morning.  It was raining so hard and temperature doesn’t matter at this point.

Next week the fishing should be great.  We will have plenty of water, to be sure.  It will be fairly cool too.  

I did take a look at our catch basins in our parking lot and retention pond.  The water was pouring through, they were doing their job.  When I was designing this building I wanted to be sure to control the runoff.  This building has a lot of roof square footage and the parking lot is huge.  We have three concrete catch basins under the parking lot and two are large enough to climb into.  The largest one has a built in ladder.  They are all connected and the water is directed to a retention pond on our property.  A small opening in the dam allows the water to seep slowly through a pipe into another catch basin.  From there it goes to a larger retention pond behind the IGA.  From there the water runs slowly into a wet weather creek and ends up in Little River.

I was not required by law or city ordinances to put this system in.  But this was the right thing to do.  And we got a $60,000 personal tax deduction that could be taken over two years.  Now the city requires this type of runoff control system.

I can’t remember when it rained this hard, this long this year.  It is pouring out there.  The wind is blowing hard.  This is a real thing.  Our parking lot looks like the Middle Prong. 

The second largest boat manufacturer in the Country filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month.  The boating industry is in sad shape.  But Brunswick, the largest boat manufacturer in the United States had a big day yesterday.  CEO Dusty McCoy reported the company’s 2nd quarter earnings.  I listened to his report live by registering on their website.  Analysts called in and asked questions.  It was really interesting.  The live report lasted for an hour.  I didn’t get to hear it all.

I did watch the price of their stock throughout the interview with Dusty and his CFO.  It started ticking up.  They reported their revenue was way down, earnings were negative and that is what everyone expected including investors.  But the big news was the company grew it’s cash by $100 million by controlling their expenses and inventory.  Paula and I fell victim to the Brunswick inventory and production cutback.  It took two months for the boat we ordered to come in.  But, that’s OK, we understand.

Halfway through the live interview their stock was up 15%.  When the hour was over Brunswick stock was up 20%.  And, by the end of the day it was up 27%.  Right now it is up 3.5% at 10:16 am. 

It doesn’t hurt the situation that the markets are soaring right now.  But it was an interesting thing to watch.

The rain has not let up folks.  Steve Moore from the Parks Fisheries Department just came in and talked to me.  He agrees.  Don’t travel a long distance here and expect to go fishing.  The odds are not in your favor.

UPDATE 3:20 PM - Little River is a raging torrent especially downstream from Townsend. The river is out of it's banks downstream. Hesse Creek is running through a field before entering Little River.

Currently the flow at the "Y" is 1,270 cubic feet per second and still rising. Normal is 102 cfs. The mountains must have been clobbered with rain.

If you are planning a trip here this weekend to fish I would re-consider.

Several roads have been closed in our county due to flooding. The Cades Cove Loop Road is also closed. Check with Park Headquarters for road closings 865-436-1200 before planning your trip.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 31, 2009


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