Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sun is shining now in Townsend.  At 8:15 I walked down to the river to take the water temperature.  It really feels good out.  I spoke to a man riding his bicycle.  Actually there were a lot of people riding bicycles this morning.  Lots of people walking too, some with their dogs.  At that time of morning it is always peaceful here.  I like getting out early.  There is almost no traffic, even on weekends during the tourist season.  I just see people wandering around.

Little River looks great.  The flow is 159 cubic feet per second (cfs).  That is higher than normal, 105 cfs.  The water temperature was 72 degrees again, like yesterday.  We may get some rain today and tonight.  The chance is 50% today.  Looking at the radar you can see a big area of precipitation moving eastward to our north.  And there appear to be several cells forming to our west.  I bet we get more rain.  So far this month, we are ahead of normal rainfall at the Airport.  It is still going to be hot during the day, reaching the low 90’s for several more.  Later in the week it will cool off some.

Fishing isn’t bad in the Park but you need to go very early to catch trout in the lower elevations.  Rob Fightmaster (CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE) had a guided instructional trip with a young woman who was a beginner yesterday.  They fished on the West and Middle Prongs of the Little River.  They were out early.  I think he said they met here at 6:30.  He gave her a short casting lesson behind our store then they went into the Park to practice on a stream.  She caught 6 trout and missed about 15.  That’s a good day for someone who has never fly fished before, especially under the conditions we have now.

So, get up early and be on the river at daybreak.  If you sleep in, drive up to the higher elevations or hike to a remote stream in the backcountry up high.  There is plenty of water in the streams.  But, during the day the water gets very warm down low.  Try nymphs if you want to.  I would fish with dry flies, probably terrestrials. 

Below Townsend the smallmouth bass should be fairly active early and late.  Try crawfish patterns, Stealth Bombers and Wooly Buggers.

I’m trying to keep Stealth Bombers in stock at the shop.  I ordered a couple of dozen two weeks ago.  They were gone in a week.  So, I ordered six dozen.  They are in stock now.  If they are gone in a week guess what?  I’ll order 12 dozen.  The shad colored Todd’s Wiggle Minnow are selling fast too.  I ordered a bunch of them yesterday.  We still have some in stock.  That is a great fly for almost any species.  They dive under when retrieved and wiggle like a Rapala.  We have some that look like a small rainbow trout.  They look like brown trout food to me.

Paula was driving on the Foothills Parkway from our friend’s house early yesterday evening.  She was stopped by the police and told to take a detour.  The Parkway was closed.  She suspected there was a wreck.  Motorcycle riders wipe out there all the time.  We’ve seen it happen.  Bears, deer and wild boar run out of the trees right in front of you.  We were driving on that road Wednesday and a coyote ran across right in front of us.

This time it was not an automobile or motorcycle accident.  An armed was involved in a standoff with police and threatening suicide.  The newspaper article this morning did not say how it ended but it was still going on at 10:00 pm last night.

We’ll, it’s opening time.  We’ll probably be busy today.  I hope so.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 31, 2010

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