Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and I noticed some sprinkles of rain on my windshield right before I pulled into the parking lot this morning.  The rain gauge was dry.  Scattered thunderstorms moved all around us yesterday.  The airport which is only a few miles from here reported almost ½ inch of rain.  It rained in the mountains too.  The river is up slightly this morning.

Flow reading in the river are currently 139 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 116 cfs.  It is going to be fairly hot today but we may see continued cloud cover and scattered thunderstorms.  In the higher elevations the water temperature will be cooler and the fishing will be better.  Dry flies with droppers fished in the riffles and faster water will work.  Fishing will be better early in the mornings. 

I would probably use a beetle, Parachute Adams or Elk Hair Caddis.  I would drop a Bead Head Pheasant Tail or Green Weenie off the dry.  If you don’t want to drive up near the Chimneys, try hiking up the Little River Trail above Elkmont.  You will find cooler water in the tributaries to the East Prong up there.  It will be cooler for you too.  Take plenty of water or a filter.  A filter is lighter than water.

The lakes are very warm and fly fishing is slow except for bluegill, early in the mornings.  A fisherman told me yesterday that the surface water temperature on Fort Loudon Lake is 85 degrees.  Paula and I didn’t go fishing this week because of the heat.  I can’t wait another week so we’ll probably go next Wednesday.  I going to be prepared to use baitfish patterns in 5 to 6 feet of water on the rocky banks.  I think that will work.  Last week we didn’t get to try that.  The smallmouth bass were not feeding on top, that’s for sure.  I’ve been tying some weighted minnows.  We’ll probably use black Wooly Buggers too.

I can’t say I know him well but I do know him.  Fifteen of us met with him last year for two hours.  He, his family and his staff made their Townsend visit here at the shop last week.  We had a big turnout.  I’m talking about Bill Haslam who just won the Republican primary for Governor of Tennessee.  I’m certain he will be our next Governor.  I hope so.  I like Bill and his wife.  I think he will make a great Governor.  If he wins in November he will replace Phil Bredesen who has served two four year terms.  I think he has done a great job and I voted for him twice.  Phil is a democrat.  I don’t necessarily follow party lines though I usually vote in the Republican Primary like I did yesterday.  Ed Mitchell is now our new County Mayor.  I don’t know Ed well, though we have met.  I guess I’ll be getting to know him soon.

Neil Smith just called and is on his way to meet with me.  He has an idea for Troutfest that could double our profit.  The idea is to print a full color Troutfest magazine and sell adds or sponsorships.  Ad sizes will be based on the size of the sponsorship.  He does this for a non-profit fishing tournament in Florida.  It works well there.  He will present the idea to the Troutfest Steering Committee on the 15th.  I’m anxious to see what he has prepared for the meeting.  I’ll see that shortly.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 6, 2010


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