Townsend, Tennessee
August 7, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and it’s going to be hot in the Smokies today.  It’s going to be hot for a few days and there is very little chance for rain until later next week.  But, the rivers on this side of the Park are in good shape.  Water levels are above normal.  Little River is at almost twice the normal flow for this date.  I was down there earlier taking the water temperature and it looked like a Spring flow not what we usually see in August.

Guides Rob and Sean were here early this morning getting their clients ready for a day of fishing. They just took off.  

I would fish higher elevation shady streams early in the morning and late in the evening. During the day I would pick the shady stretches.  The water will be cooler and the trout won’t be as spooky as those out in the direct sun.  I would probably use beetle and ant patterns, a Green Weenie, Parachute Adams, Yellow Stimulators and any Yellow Sally stonefly patterns.  Up high in the brook trout water try about any attractor pattern.

Paula and I took our new boat to Tellico Lake for it’s first time in the water.  We had to run it at varying speeds for two hours for break-in procedures as per the owners manual.  We had to spend the first hour at ½ throttle or less and vary the speed.  The second hour required a ¾ throttle speed with some slower speeds mixed in.  By the time we finished with that the sun has high, it was hotter than heck and the fishing was slow.  We did find some customers and friends who gave us some pointers and showed us some good spots to fish.  We explored the area and spent the day on the water getting sunburned.

That little boat will fly.  I couldn’t believe it.  The motor is a 20 hp, 4 stroke Mercury with electric start and power tilt.  The boat is a plain 16 foot Lowe deep V.  It has a 20 inch transom, this is a deep boat.  And the motor has the long shaft.  But the dealer jacked the motor up about two inches.  He said it would run better.  He’s right.

His name is Jimmy Hensley and he owns Tri-County Marine in Morristown.  His passion is boat racing.  In the shop are two hydroplanes with expensive custom Merc outboards.  The engines are built by him.  Though they may look like a Mercury, under the cowl is a whole different story.  For instance, these are 6 cylinder engines but they have 12 spark plugs.

One of his boats is made of Kevlar, the other is fiberglass.  The engines produce about 400 horsepower.  Jimmy is into boat drag racing and he races as a professional.  He can do a ¼ mile in 11 seconds reaching a speed of around 115 miles per hour.  The boats will do about 140 miles per hour.  Jimmy is a great guy to work with.

After spending time with him, looking at these beautiful racing boats that can do 140 miles per hour I had no doubt he can keep our little 20 horsepower running. I’m going to check this motor again.  It is a 2 cylinder.  Maybe it has 4 spark plugs.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 7, 2009

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