Townsend, Tennessee
August 8, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and it’s going to be hot today in Townsend, in the low 90’s.  It’s going to be hot tomorrow too, several degrees hotter than normal.  But it’s not as hot as it was on yesterday’s date in 1935.  You remember that, right?  The high was 101 degrees.  Now that is hot!

The temperature is rising in the water too.  Little River in town jumped one degree higher than it was at this time yesterday.  Right now it is 66 degrees.  It will rise throughout the day.  So, go higher in the Park to fish and you will find temperatures to be more friendly to the trout. I would seek really high ground maybe way up highway 441 toward the Chimneys or hike up past Elkmont maybe to Fish Camp Prong or further than that.  It will be comfortable for you up there too.

Little River looks good.  The flow is currently 208 cubic feet per second.  Normal for this date is 123 cfs and the highest recorded flow on this date was 452 cfs in 1972.  The streams on the other side of the Park are much lower, lower than normal.  The cumulative rainfall in the Little River and Little Pigeon watersheds all summer are responsible for this higher than normal flow. 

It looked like dry fly water to me this morning.  But I would fish in the riffles hitting the pockets behind rocks and runs that flow by the rocks.  Throw your offering in the bubbles and swift current where a riffle enters a pool.  Use a dry fly that is easy to see.  A Parachute Adams, Beetle with some red or orange on top or an Elk Hair Caddis will work. 

I tie in some chartreuse material as the last step on an Elk Hair Caddis so I can see it.  And, I often skip the hackle step on EHCs.  They still float in the surface film without the hackle and I think they work better. 

I would drop a Green Weenie or Bead Head Pheasant tail off the dry.  You have to get a good drift so long casts won’t work.  But, you also have to stay hidden.  The rougher water will help to conceal you from the trout.  Wear dark subdued clothing.  I would use 5X or maybe even 6X tippet.

The fish are “bust’n minners” in the lakes and tailwaters right below the dams.  Have some threadfin shad imitations ready.  I’m tying some Puglisi patterns at night.  They take a painful amount of time but you won’t lose many. You might consider using a sink tip fly line, especially when fishing the shore for Smallmouth Bass.  A Todd’s Wiggle Minnow is another great pattern to use when fishing the “jumps”.

Maybe after this hot spell it will cool down and act more like Fall.  I hope that happens soon.  I’m ready for some nights in the 50’s and days in the 70’s.  It would feel good to wear a jacket early on the morning while fishing on the streams and lakes.

Though I work and don’t fish on weekends just think about those Saturdays when there is a home football game.  There are a lot less people and anglers in the Park and on the lakes.  It won’t be long at all.

Dove season opens soon.  It’s three weeks away.  Last year, opening day was a scorcher.  It was so hot the doves wouldn’t fly.  We picked our spots to hunt using shade as the #1 criteria.  I’m hoping for a cloudy cool opening day for dove season this year. 

We have a dove nesting on the fire escape at the shop.  She has two eggs.  I didn’t know doves nested in August.  I quit using the fire escape to carry stuff down to my truck.  I hate to disturb her. 

I have not heard any news from the neighbors in the past couple of days about the bear that has moved into our neighborhood.  I never saw him.  I have probably walked right by him. Our house is surrounded by a thick forest, and it is especially thick this year due to the rain.  I don’t notice snakes either.  I guess I’m not looking for them. 

Have a great day.  I’m staying in the shop where it is cool.  Thank you for being here with us today.

Byron Begley
August 8, 2009


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