Townsend, Tennessee
August 9, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sun is shining bright.  And it is going to be hot again.  Yesterday I ran (drove) to Maryville on an errand.  It was 95 degrees in the Target parking lot.  It is going to be a lot cooler here starting Wednesday.  Also yesterday, I drove to the River Rat Tubing Company Location to pick up lunch.  There is a barbecue vendor who sets up there and their food is excellent.  I could not believe the crowd of women in bathing suits.  There were hundreds of them.  There might have been some guys too but I didn’t notice any.

Little River still looks great.  The flow is above normal but the temperature is warming up. You can probably catch some trout down low but I would go up high.  It will be a heck of a lot more comfortable high in the mountains for you and the trout.  Fish early and late, fish the faster moving current and hit the pockets.  I would use attractors and terrestrials with a bead head nymph or Green Weenie as a dropper.  There were a surprising number of anglers out yesterday.  And Townsend seems busy.  Though I never drive into the Park on weekends because I’m here working, I can only imagine how many tubers and swimmers there are in the rivers.  So, go up high and get into the backcountry.  You will have an enjoyable day.

Last night we had our 40th high school reunion.  It was in Richmond, Kentucky.  I backed out at the last minute because we are staffed light right now by design and I wanted to spend yesterday and today in the shop.

Our graduating class had about 22 people at one time.  Sadly, three have passed away.  I’ve got to tell you and I am including myself, many of us were what we used to refer to as “gangbusters”.  One of my old best friends, Sammy Day called me yesterday.  We laughed for a while.  Sammy lives in Middle Tennessee. 

Sammy has this innate ability that I believe he was born with to get any animal to do anything.  When we were kids his bird dogs obeyed instructions without question.  If Sammy said whoa, his dogs froze.  He had the same effect on horses.  He could teach a horse to do about anything.  His charisma also worked on people.  He talked me into doing some things I probably would not have thought of or for sure done on my own.  Sammy is that kind of guy.  He is a heck of a fisherman too.  He still trains bird dogs but had to stop riding horses because of back problems.

Sammy spent his career as a walking horse trainer.  He won the world championship Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee twice.  Like I said he could make an animal do anything.  He has a God given gift.  When fishing picks up I’m going to get him over here for a few days.

Early this morning while I was waiting for the coffee to perk I walked out to my truck.  I’ve got some new plastic boxes to organize the boat accessories and tackle and though it was barely daylight I just wanted to have a look and my stuff.  I heard a gunshot.  That is not a big deal where we live.  In our subdivision there are five homes on 60 acres.  I can’t see a house from ours.  This is a very secluded place.  Most of us have guns and we shoot them.  One neighbor has a shooting range. 

I drove down the gravel road going to work and I ran into John.  He was taking his morning walk.  I stopped and we chatted.  I was getting ready to pull away and it occurred to me to ask about the bear that has been hanging around.  John said it was on his deck this morning.  He shot his pistol in the air and it took off.  So, the bear is still here and I have a pistol on our kitchen counter right now.  What really bothered me is, John said “that bear is crazy”.  He said it was just laying on his deck and foaming at the mouth. John thinks the bear could be rabid. 

Well, isn’t that some great news.  A bear with rabies is hanging around our house.  I’ve seen a lot of them in the wild but never one that was foaming at the mouth.  I did come across a raccoon that was foaming at the mouth in the driveway a few years ago.  It was also having a seizure.  I sneaked up and put a garbage can over him as fast as I could then added some heavy weight on top of the can.  TWRA picked him up but called back to tell me the poor animal had distemper.  So maybe this bruin has distemper or maybe he has rabies. It could just be a typical saliva problem.  

I guess it is going to be interesting around our house until somebody does something about this.  I’m going to call TWRA.  I tried, no answer.  I called Paula at home and told her to carry her 45 if she goes outside.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 9, 2009


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