Townsend, Tennessee
August 14, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. This is already a little bit late so I won't expound too much. Byron and Paula are off fishing again today. They shouldn't get run off the water by thunderstorms this time.

I'm fascinated by clouds, especially large thunderheads. Driving home from the grocery store last night I saw a perfect looking Cumulonimbus cloud over the mountains. The sun was setting so the whole cloud was illuminated in the pinkish glow. It was massive with the classic flat, anvil top and other clouds billowing around the bottom. When I got home I looked on the radar expecting to see some major rainfall on the mountains. Nothing hardly showed up. There was a little storm over in NC but that was it. Townsend didn't get any rain, the Smokies got hardly any rain.

This weekend is going to be a great time to get out and enjoy the last days of Summer. Friday and Saturday are predicted to be sunny and there is only a small chance of rain for Sunday.

Fishing Reports for the Smokies remain good. High elevations are still fishing better especially during the hotter parts of the day. Early mornings or evenings you can fish most anywhere.

There aren't many bugs hatching right now so yellow dry flies, attractors or terrestrials are good ways to go. Water levels are still really good. With warmer water temperatures, concentrate on the faster moving water. There is more oxygen for the trout in this water. It is also easier to sneak up to them.

Well I've got a huge box of Wapsi fly tying materials waiting for me to check it in so I better not delay anymore. Byron will be back at the keyboard tomorrow.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
August 14, 2009

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